Love Horoscope: Find Out Where Your Heart's At

What’s that calling your name, Aries? It’s a sign you need to go after that special someone or thing you’ve been waiting for. Communication isn’t the best with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, so it’s time to go au naturel, baby, and rely on your instincts. Really try to get in tune with yourself and how your feeling. There’s no shame in taking a moment to figure out what you’re trying to do. This will be helpful for you if you’re single, looking to mingle, or already in a relationship. Try not to focus on how bad the communication is and focus on finding your energy source from something within.

There’s a lot of things going on this season for you, Taurus. Remember your natural non-conformity and individuality, Taurus! Just because you’re the only one of your friends doing it, that doesn’t make it “bad” or “taboo.” There’s a lot of emotional energy that’s clashing with the natural stubbornness of your sign, so make sure you’re thinking before you talk. Find healthy outlets for your frustrations. Towards the end of the month, you’ll be swept away by Venus entering Pisces, so whether you’re in a relationship or not, take advantage of all the romance and compassionate feelings that are surrounding you.

You can be social, or you know how to be social, but within your own terms and comfort zone. That will be challenging for you if you want to meet that special person. You know it. The energy of the new moon in Pisces will allow you to dive deep within and explore your inner realm. You may even get a little curious and want to sniff around non comfort zones. Be investigative, be an explorer during this time. Don’t be afraid of meeting different people, they’re on the journey just like you. Break free of judgement and go for it. If you’re in a relationship, this moon will for sure deepen the bonds.

Watch your words, Cancer. Mercury is retrograde until March 26th. This means complete miscommunication. You’re a pretty honest person, you speak from the heart and are proud to do so. But sometimes pouring everything out without filtering feels like a huge wave to the person receiving it. I mean, you already wear your heart on your sleeve, so let the other person approach as well. Whether you’re looking to meet someone or are already involved.  Sit back and relax, observe, listen. You may realize not everything is what it seems and not everyone is who they seem they are.



Do they love me, do they love me not? We’ve all been there, Leo. If you’re single, you might come across a few suitors who you think could be your soulmate, but remember that platonic friendships are resourceful and helpful too. Try not to pounce at every opportunity, because when the time comes (Aries season), you’ll be fully recharged and ready to stand out. If you’re in a relationship, remember that it takes two to tango, darling Leo. It’s important to give just as much as it is to receive. You’ve probably felt competitive since the 20th, but remember that you’re not in a competition with your partner or yourself. Try to challenge those competitive feelings into something lighthearted and fun with your partner. A cooking class, a ropes course, or a karaoke sing off should get the job done!

Take a deep and long breath, Virgo. Mistakes happen. We all say the wrong things in front of someone cute. We can all feel insecure in front of our partners. Dust yourself off and rise from the ashes, Virgo. We all believe in you, you just need to believe in yourself! Expressing yourself to a crush or a partner may be a little difficult with the retrograde, so really focus on what it is you want said, and why you want to say. It’s okay to feel like you’re running around in circles, but remember that you’re allowed to stop and regroup whenever you need to. Luckily, towards the end of the month you’ll have a nice moment with your partner or a reunion with an old flame and you’ll be able to feel lighthearted and look back and laugh at the frustrations you’ve been having.

You’re the master, Libra. You’re the charm, you’re the flirt, you’ve got it all to get what and who you want. What are you waiting for? If you’re single, go out and show it to the world. Have some fun, be light, be outgoing. If that’s what you want. The new moon in Pisces may be making you feel all lovey dovey and that’s alright. Nothing wrong with wanting love and being cared for. Just don’t take anything too seriously for now though. Mercury retrograde is a little bump in the road for communication and this can go both ways: for the speaker and the listener. If you’re in a relationship, focus more on communication to work through your issues.

Don’t be afraid of your romantic goals, Scorpio! You will be okay. The new moon will stir up this passionate, emotional side of you, and it’s a good thing. In order to attract the love story you dream of you have to allow this deep part of you to blossom, so the world can perceive it as well. And it will only blossom positively if you have worked on yourself. During this time, be with yourself while you’re peeling the layers off. Let your self love show because you’re definitely feeling the passion through your veins. But you want to make sure you attract what you want. Remember what you attracted when you were in your dark element? Exactly.

Giving up on love? Well, Venus has a surprise for you, Sagitarrius! Things may seem a bit cloudy and muddled if you’re single or in a relationship right now. It may be hard to focus on what you want, but don’t be afraid to get out there and push yourself out of your classic Sag hibernation. Find inspo with your partner, a crush, or yourself! Tension is sitting under your sign during the retrograde, so try to focus on what you need and what you want before you act out on it. Also, you might be feeling a bit nostalgic, but you don’t have to knock on every door down memory lane, especially not when there’s a tension tornado about to go through the town. This could be as painful as seeing an ex or not getting to hang out with your crush, but remember that everything happens in time.

Okay, Capricorn, you’ve been on a roll! The spotlight has been all over you recently, and you’re kind of loving it. With all this great energy you’ve been handling, there might be some friction rising up on the other side. Your natural instinct to feel grounded will start to poke out. It’s important to remember that you can balance to two sides in your relationships. If you feel like you’re not being heard, then say something,  but before you do, reflect on yourself and see where you could have voiced yourself better. Try not to act on impulse after a fight with your partner or after your crush sends you mixed singles, and remember to check in with yourself and see why you had the reaction you did.






Change is coming, Aquarius, relax. Your home planet, Uranus, meets Taurus this week. This means things will be a little slow, a little too structured and conventional for your liking. You’re a free, wild soul and that’s how you want your road to be. But hey, this can be a good thing. This means time for you to figure out what you want. You may feel a little clouded while emotional. So before making a decision regarding your romantic relationship or the next step in your dating life (consider Mercury being retrograde and asking you please to hold still), check out what’s going on in your world. What you have to sort out, what you have to complete, what you have been putting off.


Happy birthday Pisces, the sun is currently in your sign. You feel optimistic, you feel romantic. You’re sort of in this dreamy state where your fantasies are about to become reality, just because you’re you and you can make that happen for yourself. The current love situation in your life may not meet your expectations but you’re getting there. The new moon in your sign is stirring up these emotions even more. You feel so good right now. Remember to communicate. Just because you’re feeling all of this in such a deep way doesn’t mean the other person can see that. If you’re single, take advantage of this super warm vibe to connect with someone and attract someone that’s vibing the same way. You can only do this if you decide to come back to reality for a moment, to the human world! If you’re in a relationship, let your SO know how you’re feeling and what your desires are clearly.