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I entered the Fall semester hungry for change – I was living in the city after a year and a half of online school, expanded my friend group, and finally declared my major and minors.

I figured it would be the perfect time to cross an item off of my bucket list – shaving my head.

No one is ever ready to shave their head – just like no one is ready to get their driver’s license or move out of their family home.

I did not shave my head out of an act of rebellion or catharsis. It was simply the right time at the right place.

And, why not channel my inner Sinéad?

I fell down a Youtube rabbit hole of head-shaving videos. Every woman in each video emphasized their newfound confidence and excitement, as they no longer had to worry about a time-consuming hair routine. It looked easy enough.

It was the week before Halloween when my girlfriends and I decided to do the deed. I was dressing up as Coraline for the holiday and figured it would be easy to wear my florescent blue wig with a shaved head. I was only able to afford the cheapest electric razor CVS carried (which totaled up to $40!) I didn’t realize that shaving my head would be so expensive!

After laying a trash bag on the ground of my friends’ dorm I got to work – chopping my hair off in large increments at a fast pace.

It was soon that I realized the razor I purchased was a beard trimmer and not equipped to buzz my hair off, or what was left of it. One hour later I was left with a patchy head and debilitating anxiety.

I did not look like the girls in the youtube videos.

The upcoming week consisted of me alternating from beanies to head scarfs until I was able to schedule an appointment with my hairdresser. I went to the salon on Hallow’s Eve to get my problem situated. Some judgemental glances and one bald spot later, I finally had what could be defined as a shaved head.

Although my experience was not the traditional one the youtube girlies had, it was mine. That was all that mattered.

I learned many things about myself after shaving my head. Here is a small list:

  1. I got more compliments and less catcalls. People were more inclined to compliment my hair, or lacktherof on the street than yell vulgar things or make innapropriate glances.
  2. I was able to look at my face. I mean really look at my face. Blemishes and marks were more apparent now that I was not able to hide behind my hair. Conversely, I was able to recognize beautiful things about myself that I did not notice before!
  3. I spent far less time getting ready in the morning. With a newly shaved head, I did not need to worry about bad hair days or blow drying my hair. My morning routine was significantly reduced.
  4. I began to embrace my femininity in other ways! Through fashion and makeup, I began to make more unique stylistic choices. Shaving my head gave me the space to look into other faucets of my identity.
  5. It was a livechanging experience. Shaving my head was one of my most impressive achievements. I wouldn’t take back the experience for the world – flaws and all.

So, are convinced to shave your head after reading this? What are you waiting for?

Go out now, buy an electric razor and get to work!

Tara is a New York-based Journalist studying at The Eugene Lang College of The New School. She has a passion for unique storytelling and mental health advocacy. Aside from writing, she enjoys singing and spending time with animals. See more of Tara's work on taralamorgese.wixsite.com/website!
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