How I Learned Coding Without Spending Thousands of Dollars

How I self-taught myself HTML, CSS, and Python

I know self-learning isn’t for everyone and it can be quite discouraging at first. I still remember the day I opened a YouTube video on python and lost half my brain cells. Just looking at the code shown on the screen resulted in my IQ level decreasing faster than my GPA. I told myself coding was not for me and I shut the video. Mind you, I was only 10 minutes into the video. It was this summer I decided to give python another try. This time, I watched the video twice and I utilized online sources to then practice what I had learned in the video. I realized I didn’t need a tutor or thousands of dollars to learn something. I was beginning to understand python, which also translates to I’m not the family disappoint anymore.

Not only that, but I learned HTML and CSS by watching YouTube tutorials. Some of my favorite online websites for learning how to code include the following;,,, and code academy. In addition, I went to sessions offered at the NYPL. The workshops at NYPL are free and if you are just getting started, it's perfect because you have an instructor guiding you through the entire process. You can find many free coding workshops in the city at Eventbrite. I also like to use apps for self-learning because nowadays, there are apps that allow you to not only manage your academic goals but teach you an entire course. Personally, I love educational apps because they are easy to use and they help me feel more productive.

After, my experience with self-learning I believe that anyone can do what I did. But you can not give up. You have to be patient. More, importantly monitor your progress and focus on the areas you need help most with. Self-learning is an art. An art anyone can master if they really want to. If something looks unfamiliar and you don't understand what you are studying, research, keep researching until you find the answers. If, one video doesn’t make sense, try another. Also, quiz yourself after with open-ended questions.  Finally, figure out how you prefer to learn. Are you a visual or aural learner? If you determine how you learn, you will find studying more engaging.