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The Her Campus Edit of Top New School Professors

We posted an Instagram story this week (@hctns!) of our favorite professors at The New School and asked you, our readers, to DM us with your favorites as well. We received an overwhelming amount of responses from you all with names of professors and classes that have changed your lives, so here is a mega-list of TNS faculty recommended by you, for you!

*note: some of these classes are not available for the Spring semester, but we recommend writing them down anyway to keep in mind for the Fall!


Parsons School of Design 

Oliver Kellhammer 

Sustainable Systems (PUFY 1101)

"10/10 so sweet and kind and 100% cares about sustainability!”


Agathe Laurent 

Research and Development Methods (PSDS 2100)


Elizabeth Tolson

Integrative Studio 1 (PUFY 1000)


Ben Madoff

Creative Careers (PSOF 2200) 

"Not available for the spring semester, but I took this class in the fall and highly recommend to anyone in need of an elective and looking for free career advice from new creatives every week!"


Lauren Krauze 

Integrative Seminar 1 (PUFY 1012)


Chris Allieri 

Marketing, PR, and Branding (PUDM 2315)

"Loved everything about this class, Chris is so kind and caring of his students and is so passionate about what he teaches!"


John Bruce

Cinematic Tropes (PSDS 3740)


Lara Penin

Public & Collab Services (PSDS 5302)


Chris Steib

Creative Team Dynamics (PSDS 2115)


Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

Debasmita Basu

Modeling Quantitative Data (LMTH 2055)

Quantitative Reasoning I (LMTH 1950)

Quantitative Reasoning II (LMTH 2014)


Wendy Xu

Intro Poetry (LLSW 2030) 

RFW Poetry (LLST 3025)

Senior Seminar: Poetry (LLSW 4993)

Intermediate Multi-genre (LLSW 3521)

"Wendy Xu led such an amazing semester, especially considering the circumstances. I took Intro Poetry with her last year and enjoyed her enthusiasm so much that I decided to take her Reading for Writers course (a graduation requirement for Literary Studies students) on documentary poetry and loved it. She really adapted her teaching style well to the virtual classroom, and RFW made my semester so bearable!"


Jonathan Liebson 

Writing the Essay I (LFYW 1000) 

Writing the Essay II (LFYW 1500) 


Alison Kinney

From Sea to Shining Sea (LLSW 2905)

Intermediate Non-Fiction (LFYW 1500) 

Intro Non-Fiction (LLSW 2010) 

•note: Alison Kinney was recommended three separate times! 


Justin Neuman

Literary Reinvention (LLST 2008) 


Rich Blint

Toni Morrison (LLST 3544) 


Alexandra Chasin

Documentary Non-Fiction  (LLSW 2701) 


Emily Breitkopf 

Theories of Personality (NPSY 2401)


Anthony Boiardo

Systems of Psychotherapy (LPSY 3149) 


Nkosi Bandele 

Intro Fiction (LLSW 2020) 

Writing the Essay I (LFYW 1000) 

Writing the Essay II (LLSW 1500) 


Christopher Kelley 

Buddhist Sutra Lit (LREL 3047) 

Buddha's Revolution (LREL 2310) 


Theodore Kerr

Life During Memorialization (LINA 2047) 


The New School for Social Research 

Sanjay Reddy 

Advanced Microeconomics I (GECO 6200)

Econ, Ethics, & Pol Theory (GECO 6300)

Economic Development I (GECO 6290)

Understanding World Economy (LECO 3016)


Mia White

Black Geographies (UENV 3100)


Schools for Public Engagement 

Abigail Perez-Aguilera 

Ecofeminism and Global Justice (UGLB 3601) 




Sabrina is a third-year student at Parsons School of Design studying Strategic Design and Management. She enjoys writing about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, obviously. When she's not catching up with friends over a cappuccino, she's probably journaling or cutting up old magazines for her latest collage.
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