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Finding Nourishment: Energizing Breakfast Foods

Now that the semester has officially begun, and I actually need to wake up at a decent hour, I’ve been presented with the issue of what to eat in the mornings. Of course, I love a slice of toast, but I find that my energy levels diminish during class when I eat the wrong foods. So I thought I should share my knowledge regarding what I’ve been having for breakfast. And as a disclaimer: I am not a professional. What I am sharing is what works best for me as an individual, and may not be a good fit for everyone. 

Overall, I would recommend eating foods high in fiber and protein, so fruits, vegetables, and meat. While carbs are important and filling, I try to eat a little less compared to other food groups. And when it comes to fats, I generally feel they are okay in moderation. I try to avoid eating too many processed foods, many of which are high in sodium, sugar, and trans fat. 

With that being said, I’ll be sharing two things I frequently make for breakfast. They don’t take long to make and are filling enough to last me till lunch. And don’t panic, they’re also beginner-friendly. 

The first dish I enjoy making is egg drop soup, a Chinese dish. Basically, it is chicken stock mixed with an egg that has been poured and mixed into the soup. When I make it, I also like to add rice vinegar, sesame seed oil, scallions, and cabbage. I’m not sure if it’s traditionally eaten for breakfast, but I like how it warms my body up in the mornings.  You can try a recipe here

My second dish is very flexible to fit ingredients in your fridge. But the base components are eggs and bread in a sandwich form. You can have any bread you want, a croissant, bagel, sliced bread, etc. Of course, the same applies to the eggs. Cook it in any way you want. And after comes a hodgepodge of anything you can find. I typically add ingredients such as cheese, ham, tomato sauce, bell peppers, spinach, and hummus. (But not all of them. That might taste a bit funky.) Usually, a sandwich with some protein and vegetables fills me up, without making me too stuffed. If I eat it around mid-morning, I maintain my energy levels till the afternoon after my classes are over. 

Hopefully, this has been useful for you. If you have any suggestions or would like to see more content like this, feel free to reach out to HCTNS!


Jade Welder

New School '23

Jade is a student at The New School pursuing a degree in media studies and a minor in food studies. This isn't really a secret: she's a boba connoisseur by day and closet weeb by night. And yes, boba ice cream is really worth the hype.
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