Fall Makeup Trends To Inspire Your New Look

In my opinion, the fall season brings the most versatile annual makeup trends to play with, ranging from sultry berry lips to intense graphic eyeliners. This year, however, it seems those trends have only become even more colorful and creative. 2020 has been a rollercoaster of experiences and emotions, and while the year isn’t over yet, it seems like people have taken to brightening up their makeup looks to compensate for the living nightmare year we’ve had. The most popular makeup trend on social media is hands down the dramatic, pop-art style look for the eyes. This look is particularly timely because lately our eyes have been the only part of our faces NOT covered with a mask. We might as well make them pop! Woman putting on makeup with a face mask on Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

From sparkling emerald eyeshadows, to sutty Twiggy-style lashes, and hot pink liquid eyeliners, Fall 2020 has brought the entire rainbow to makeup gurus everywhere. Many people have chosen to enhance their natural contours with blush and highlighter, creating a flushed and dewy base to compliment a bold eye. The overall theme this fall is healthy, flushed skin and a captivating stare. While there is less attention on the deep brown, purple, and red lipsticks this year like in years past, lipstick is still an essential element of any makeup look. Most shades this fall have stuck with more subdued neutrals and muted pink tones in order to avoid overshadowing the glistening highlighter and pigmented eyeshadow. While there won’t be any trick-or-treating or lavish costume parties to attend this year for Halloween, it can be just as fun to sit home watching a spooky movie and experimenting with a purple liquid liner for a wicked cat-eye, or try some Euphoria-inspired rhinestones and stars to complete your Autumn look!