Cozy Winter Fashion Tips to Keep You In Style

The sun sets early and you can’t get away without a jacket, it is winter now. Just because you have to bundle up doesn’t mean you can't look good! Here are tips to stay stylish or put a new spin on your wardrobe this winter.

Image by: EVG

  1. Bold Color Fur Coats:

Wear faux fur during the winter. It is a bold and always stylish statement piece. They come in a wide variety of colors with some looking more natural and others come in bright colors. One of my favorite pieces I own is a pink fur coat I wear all the time when the weather gets cold. These coats automatically make your outfit look more thought out even if the rest of the outfit was clothes you just threw on.

2. Cozy or Patterned Scarves:

This is personally one of my favorite accessories that I wear all the time. Wear a scarf with your outfit both to keep you warm but also add an accessory to up your style game this winter. Whether it’s an interesting fabric or fun pattern there is surely something for everyone.

3. Layers:

Layer your clothing for added warmth. Not ready to put away your favorite t-shirts? Put a long-sleeve or turtle neck underneath your favorite dress or coat to keep you warm and make an interesting color combo. Also don’t be afraid to wear pants underneath dresses. Play around and find the right pair of pants that can be placed with a dress to keep you warm going out.

Image by Jamie via Flickr​

4. Have Fun with Winter Accessories:

Take advantage of this time to wear cute gloves and hats. They are a necessity in the winter for warmth but also think of them as a way to add a cute accessory to your outfit so it does not seem so mundane. You can get these anywhere even just buying them from vendors off the street.

5. Sweaters:

Embrace sweaters this winter. Personally, sweaters are not my favorite to wear but sometimes the winter chill calls for them. You can find super cute and fun patterned ones as well as ones with cool textiles.

 Image Source: Tookapic

These pieces are essential for the winter and cold weather. Take notes of these different styling tips and pieces when your getting dressed in the morning. Have fun styling!