The Best Thrift Shops in NYC to Give Your Closet that Extra Flare


Shopping at thrift stores in New York City is a fun way to find interesting pieces that compliment your wardrobe. The benefit of buying clothes at thrift stores are that it reduces waste, is often more affordable, finding unique pieces, and a way to find good quality fabrics that are not fast fashion. Here are some of my favorite New York City thrifts!

L Train Vintage:

L Train Vintage sometimes also called No Relation Vintage has 6 stores with one in the East Village at 204 1st Ave between 12th and 13th Street. It has five other locations in Brooklyn. This store is great for finding an array of jackets from windbreakers, denim and leather jackets. They are good quality and affordable.


Beacons Closet:

Beacons Closet as most people know is located right next to the Parsons building on 13th Street. It has some great designer finds if that’s what you're into. Also be sure to check out their locations in Brooklyn where you can find interesting and unique items. The store is color coded which makes for an easy shopping experience. You will be sure to find something that suits your style. I’ve gotten great dresses here.


The Break

The Break is a vintage store in Brooklyn located at 82 Dobbin St. BK 11222. They are a curated vintage store focused on what is current now. I recently attended the fashion show they held for NYFW showcasing current items for sale. This was a show that was open to the public so anyone could attend. The event was fun and exciting. It drew a large crowd and got a lot of attention. During the event, there were vendors selling items, the runway show, and an after party. This was a great way to involve the public in fashion and create community involvement.


Source:, Photographer Elena Mudd


Reminiscence is a quirky vintage store located at 74 5th Avenue, right across from the UC and next to Hu Kitchen. They have an array of fun items. You can find great vintage slips there and fun novelty pieces. With Halloween coming up soon this is a great place to look for pieces for a costume.

Cure Thrift Shop:

Cure Thrift Shop is located close to campus at 111 East 12th Street New York, NY 10003. In addition to being a great place to shop all of their proceeds go to help Type 1 Diabetes Research and Advocacy. This store has a variety of items and is spread across two levels. They also have some furniture and other antiques. There is a great selection of purses. Cure Thrift Shop often will have fantastic sales. 


Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy located at 25 St. Marks Pl., New York, NY 10003. The store has a lot of personality, upon entering there is a display of baby dolls in the front window facing the street. It is a punk thrift shop that has a loud interior filled with posters, mannequins, and decorations of all kinds. They have a large selection of vintage t-shirts and garments with a lot of history and charm.


There is a Goodwill located on 14th between 5th and 6th although there are numerous locations across the city. Any kind of item can be found here. There is a large selection and all at a low price. Go through the racks to discover so many rare finds. I found a cute blue and green skirt there for the spring and summer. Shopping at Goodwill is a way to help your community while finding pieces for your wardrobe.

Whether you need to update your wardrobe, get some items for the changing weather or need inspiration for your Halloween Costume, these stores all have something that will suit your taste.