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Tremblay Apiaries LLC has been selling local, raw honey at Union Square for the past 25 years. However, this family business, founded by Alan Tremblay, is more than just a side hustle. They have passion for what they do which takes up most of their time.

“My father met a beekeeper who was very passionate about his work,” said Lili Tremblay, the founder’s daughter. “So he shadowed him for a while and then he developed a fascination for bees and decided he wanted to do the same.”

Little did Alan Tremblay know that his business would take off, occupying most of his and his family’s time.

“The market at Union [Square] is here Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but we are only here Friday and Saturday. However, we sell online too. And, there are a few people that buy our honey and sell it at their stores at a little bit of a higher price. But this is pretty much it. Or upstate in our actual honey house,” said Lili Tremblay. 

Alan Trembley stays upstate most of the time to continue taking care of the bees so his business can thrive, while his family maintains the website and helps out at the market on the weekends.

“[My dad comes to the market] but he doesn’t come as often,” said Tremblay. “My dad is now 71, so he doesn’t have the same stamina to be able to do this for two days. Plus, we need him at home to take care of the bees, so that’s always the priority.”

Outside of her working hours, Lili Tremblay continues to help with the family business.

“We figured out how to maximize everything we do get from the bees to try to expand and make as many products as we can. But this is our specialty, and so we focus on that,” Tremblay said.

Covid took a toll on many businesses including Tremblay Apiaries LLC.

“With Covid, I’d say we are running at like 60% of what we were before. So we are just hoping that comes back,” said Tremblay.

Business is becoming steady again in the market and online for the Tremblays. They hope to get back a consistent clientele that helped their business grow from the start.

“We definitely have regulars. But since Covid, some of our regulars have left, so now we are finding new faces, like a younger generation that is essentially new in the area,” said Tremblay. “So I am expecting a new wave of loyal customers.”

By the looks of it, the Tremblays are coming back after the Covid-destructive era in a positive light in order to continue their passion.

The Tremblays provide a “nature’s gift from the honey bee” to locals to enjoy and share a six thousand-year-old legacy.

Tremblay said, “I am very proud of what we do because it is a very unique and special business.”

Sophia Caltagirone is a first year student at The New School. Sophia will declare her major in Journalism and Design and minor in Fashion Communications at the end of this school year. She enjoys writing feature pieces primarily focusing on the fashion world and communities. Insta: @sophiadomenicaa TikTok: @sophiadomenicaa