9 Ways to Self-Care this Winter

Now that we need to bundle up in this cold weather and you just want stay cozy inside, self-care is a great way to keep you feeling good this winter. Here are nine different ways to treat yourself in this cold weather:

1. Lotion/ Body Butter

Buy a good lotion or body butter to keep your skin hydrated in the winter since your skin is more likely to become dry in the winter.

2. Face Masks

Treat yourself to a facemask at least once a week to relax yourself and keep your skin clear from the city pollution. Put on a facemask and turn on your favorite TV show or podcast.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Try putting different essential oils in a diffuser. You can put in lavender when you want to go to sleep or relax. Use citrus essential oils when you want to feel more energized. Test different scents that remind you of the holidays and winter to get in a festive mood for the holidays.

4. Paint Your Nails

Paint your nails or get a pedicure. Choose a color to match your winter wardrobe or an icy blue to go with the season. Get a bold nail color for the holidays, especially New Years Eve. Put on music or your favorite TV show to binge while you paint your nails to let yourself unwind after a long day.

Source: Valeria Boltneva​

5. Binge Watch TV

Allow yourself to have a lazy day or even just a few hours to binge watch your favorite TV show or movie. It’s good just to be lazy sometimes and slow down. When it’s super cold and snowing outside, make yourself some snacks while you stay in and relax.

6. Read

Sit and read a book, magazine, poetry or whatever your favorite type of read is. This is a good way to slow down and take a break from technology. Visit The Strand and pick out something new to read or even try a new genre. You don’t need to do everything in one sitting, you can just read a few pages a day.

Source: Vincenzo Malagoli

7. Redo Your Space

I like to reorganize my space and move things around, redecorating or adding a few new accent pieces really make all the difference. Reorganize your living area as the amount of items you have grows, and the papers and supplies rack up as the school year moves on. I just reorganized my space to accommodate all the fabric and paper that I have accumulated over the semester.

8. Make a Hot Drink

Make a hot drink to keep you warm in the cold windy weather. Drink some hot cocoa this festive season. Perhaps try a tea that will help you prevent a cold.

9. Exercise

Make a point to exercise or do some yoga in the morning to feel refreshed and help wake you up on these cold mornings.


Hopefully, these tips help you to take care of yourself when the weather is harsh and your body and mind need some extra attention and care!