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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at New School chapter.

For some of us, summer is a time of complete freedom from responsibilities and ultimate relaxation in our hometowns. For others, it can mean jetting off to NYC, Chicago, or LA for a dream internship. However, as so many students know far too well, it can also be a time to enroll as a transient student at your local university back home to earn some much-needed extra credits.

Trying to learn the new registration system that relies on a completely different software than your home institution.

Attempting to memorize yet another set of campus ID’s, usernames, passwords, and student account numbers.

And when the first day of class finally arrives, trying to figure out how to access the campus Wi-fi so you can find the building you have to be at, only to realize they all look exactly the same.

That feeling when you overhear students that actually attend this college chit-chatting in campus lingo that literally sounds like gibberish to you.

Getting assigned the online homework and realizing that you use Canvas back home and this school uses Blackboard, which means yet ANOTHER software you need to master before your next lecture.

When your professor makes a campus-specific joke and you start fake laughing hoping no one realizes you have no clue what they are referring too.

Wearing your home institution’s college gear and looking like you’re completely confused on which college you’re currently at…

…but also not being able to get a student discount at the campus bookstore for your transient college gear because you don’t even have a student ID.

But, ultimately realizing that extra credits, meeting new people, and experiencing how other students live their college lives are unparalleled acquisitions.

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