7 Products for a Summer Beauty Routine

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Finally, after what felt like a never-ending winter, summer is here! With this much-welcomed summer though, come new problems. With all the bright summer colors also come humidity and lots of sweat. So in the name of surviving the hot weather, here are some products to transition your beauty routine into summer.

1. Bed Head's Summer Hair Products

Bed Head has you covered all across the board. If your hair is damaged and tangled, the Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray is here to the rescue. It’s the perfect product to help moisturize and soften dry hair and reduce its damage. To help with those days where your summer hair gets greasy and sweaty, there’s the Oh Be Hive Dry Shampoo. It not only sprays on a fine powder to absorb all the oil but also will leave you with some volume in your hair, too. And for the days where the humidity causes any frizz or steals the shape from your hair, the Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist will revive it. Using marine algae extract, this mist will make sure to give your waves some hold and work out any frizz.

2. Buxom Full-On  Lip Polish in Dolly

For a nice sheer and full summer lip, Buxom has you covered. Its lip polish promises plumper lips using peptide to bring in some collagen but also moisturizes using some Vitamin A and E. Dolly is a nude shade with a sheer finish for your everyday makeup.

3. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clearing Sweet Tea + Lemon Peel-Off Mask

Here to help combination skin this summer is this Freeman face mask that delivers on all-over toning with the antioxidant-rich tea and lemon extract. 

4. The Schick Quattro YOU Exotic Violet Blooms Razor

If you want smooth legs for summer, Schick has the perfect razor. This violet razor gives you the close and comfortable shave Schick is known for, but also a nice violet scent for that summer shave.

5. Skintimate 2-IN-1 Shave Cream and Skin Conditioner

To pair with that Schick razor is this Skintimate shave cream. This non-foaming cream will not only protect you for your shave but also leave your legs moisturized using its shea butter and soy protein formula. It comes in two summer scents: Coconut Silk and Water Lily!


If you’re also looking to fix your brows, Schick also has you covered with their silk touch up razor. This razor is made for those fine hairs and close shaping of your brows. It’s an easy to use and quick option for shaping up your brows on the go.



Okay, so this one is not for a summer beauty routine. But it's great for some summer crafts and furniture repairs as you make a move into or out of a dorm! Krazy Glue singles have great staying power for any of those last-minute quick repairs. It’ll bond to lots of different surfaces from wood to vinyl or metal. 

So go forth and conquer summer, but also enjoy it while it lasts!