7 Instagram Accounts All Dog Lovers Should Follow

I don’t know about you, but I am the girl who waves and says hello to dogs on the street, expecting them to say hi back. In a way that is most satisfying, they usually reciprocate with panting tongues and the wagging of their tails. Yes, I’ll admit it is embarrassing, but maybe not as embarrassing as how many dog accounts I follow on Instagram. Maybe it’s because I’m a college student away from home, coping with my long-distance relationship between me and my 9 year-old Queen Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Ella. But mostly, their innocence and simplicity just make me a happier human being. Here are my top 7 dog Instagram accounts you should be following!

In the spirit of a true dog-lover, we can't continue without sharing a picture of my aforementioned dog:


If you’re familiar with the Humans of New York project by Brandon Stanton, where he would perform informal interviews with strangers every day, this is the dog equivalent. This is an instagram account dedicated to documenting the beauty of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Account owner,  E.J. McLeavey-Fisher has also released two books, The Dogist and Puppies.


When I went through a time of wanting a French Bulldog, I came upon this account. Oddly, you could say I have grown with this account since it started as an account solely for the owner’s dog Lincoln, but it slowly has evolved into a page for multiple French Bulldogs. Not only is this page great for watching funny dog videos, but I love supporting the owner and his wife, Sean and Stephanie Sarantos who started their own company, Dapper Dogs Apparel, that aims to save and protect defenseless dogs against abuse, torture and murder.


I just recently started following this account after I found one of their posts on my discover page. I witnessed a boxer, Luna Mae, suffering from abuse and malnourishment and they were asking for donations towards her medical procedures. As a college student, I knew I couldn’t do much, but I still sent them money. I became dedicated to following up on Luna Mae, even if it was through my phone. One week later, I saw Luna Mae doing better and two weeks later, she was adopted. I simply love that Roadogs is helping dogs in need and that I can watch and follow their progress.


I’ve made all my best friends request to follow this account, so I could bombard them with memes. And now you must do the same! You will not regret following them, they will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Trust me.

To watch click here!


Based in Manhattan, this dog rescue Instagram always melts my heart when I see another dog saved.  This account is focused on helping dogs get out of the Korean meat trade in Korea. They have an Amazon wishlist and a bunch of dogs up for adoption. So if you are in the market, this may be a good page to browse.


This page was recommended to me by my music/dog-lover friend. This is a brilliant find for those who love acoustic guitar and dogs. Owner, Trench will upload short videos playing to his dog Maple, a Border Collie/Golden Retriever/Sheltie mixed breed rescue dog. Maple actually has her own account if you rather scrap the music and just get straight to the dog. In that case, follow @Maple.the.pup.

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I had to throw at least one cavalier page in here for good measure. Although I follow probably 5-6 cav pages, this is one worth your time and attention. Thomas is just one year old, so you have plenty of time to grow with him! He’s a certified bunny and squirrel chaser so you are in good hands. Thomas has just the cutest face and uplifting attitude that he will be sure to put a smile on your face every time he pops up on your feed.

[Feature Image by Unsplash]