4 Ways to Bounce Back From this Semester

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Does the mere thought of finals season makes you cringe? Well, it’s nothing you can’t handle. Personally, I’ve been cruising through the last couple weeks of the semester. Want to know how I am doing it? Below are a few items that are helping me get through the remainder of the semester:

Stay Positive

We can all use a little encouragement sometimes; especially, from ourselves. So, allow me to remind you to be kinder to yourself and not be so harsh. Like I said, we all need some words of encouragement, so why not wear it? That way, we can spread the positivity not only to ourselves, but also to the people around us.

Here, I am sporting a heather gray #ActuallySheCan tank that was created in partnership with Le Motto. This tank top is exactly what I needed to get motivated for my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday gym days. More colors and slogans are available! Go grab one for yourself today!

Stay Moisturized

If you are attending school in New York City like me, you know that it’s super dry and windy. Ironically enough though, it had just started snowing as I made my GIF of my two hand creams. These two Being creams are perfect for the harsh winter. Not only do they keep my hands moisturized as I take on my daily tasks, they leave my hands smelling great for hours. I prefer to use the Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom one for when I need to stay fresh and focus on my assignments for the day. And for the days when I want to cozy up under a blanket with some tea to watch Netflix, the Salted Caramel & Macadamia one is just right. They are suited for every occasion!


Stay Together

Having some trouble keeping it together? Whether it’s physical objects or your finals season puffy eyes, I've got just the right fix for you. The weeks leading up to vacation are usually filled with sleeplessness and tired, puffy eyes. Fix that all-nighter look and freshen up with a Cooling Eye-Revive Gel from Alba Botanica®.

Things break, but believe it or not, most of it can be fixed. You might not be able to mend your recently-single bestie’s broken heart, but at least you can fix grandma’s ceramic plate that you just chipped while trying to balancing it on top of your text books. Snag yourself some Krazy Glue before you go on winter break, because things are bound to break and you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Stay Fierce

Let me tell you that your makeup kit is incomplete without The Lights, Camera, Lashes™ mascara from Tarte. This vegan mascara is made to pump up the volume of your lashes and have you looking fierce the whole day. Grab one for your collection today!

There you have it, five items helping me get through my Philosophy and Anthropology papers. Liked the products you saw? Follow our chapter’s instagram @hctns and stay tuned for our winter giveaway!

Take care of yourself this winter!


[Feature Image by Lily Yonglin Chen]