30 Signs You're #Basic And #DontCare

Being labeled as #basic isn’t exactly a compliment, but who cares? They’re obviously just haters who don’t understand the *finer* things in life, right? Like pumpkin spice lattes, Forever 21, and #ManicureMonday.

Not sure whether you fit into the #basic category? Here’s 30 signs that you’re totes basic and proud of it.

1. You’re absolutely in love with pumpkin spice everything, including candles, lattes, ice cream, cookies, lotions, etc.

2. Every time you can use an abbreviation, you do. #Totes #Adorbs #Cray-Cray

3. The only phone you will ever own is an iPhone. No exceptions.

4. You’ve tried the twerking thing, but it’s just not for you. But, you continue to try (and fail miserably) anyway because why not?

5. J-Law is your spirit animal because she is the realest human being ever, somehow making her a super-celebrity in your mind.

6. You HAVE to do your eyebrows before leaving the house, ever.

7. You feel as though the “Twilight” saga was a major historically romantic moment our generation should remember forever.

8. You’re completely in love with Ryan Gosling (but who isn’t, right?).

9. Your idea of the perfect Friday night is watching “Friends” reruns with leftovers from Chipotle.

10. You use a million hashtags on all of your Instagram photos, including #instapic, #doubletap, and #instagood

11. You’ve taken and posted a fitting room selfie at some point.

12. You prefer Trader Joes over any other grocery store.

13. You had a digital countdown widget on your phone counting down to the very second that “Magic Mike XXL” released.

14. You use “Mean Girls” quotes whenever possible.

15. You’ve attended Coachella at least once.

16. Every text message you send contains at least one emoji.

17. You still quote “Clueless.”

18. Scrolling Pinterest is your idea of winding down.

19. You’re completely comfortable with your open love for all things Taylor Swift.

20. You will never get rid of your Ugg boots.

21. You and your squad talk about which “Sex and the City” character each of you would be.

22. Your go-to alcoholic drink is a vodka cranberry.

23. You wear yoga pants all of the time, except to yoga class.

24. You refuse to post a photo to Instagram without using a filter.

25. Brunch is definitely your thing. Especially if mimosas are involved.

26. You have an uncontrollable obsession with Kate Middleton.

27. You eat loads of Kale because it gives you comfort knowing that something you ate today was “healthy.”

28. Forever 21 is your favorite store and you shop there on a weekly basis.

29. You own a pink velour tracksuit and you rock it whenever possible.

30. You’re now going to share this post with your squad because all of you are obvi #basic.

[Feature Image by Pexels]