3 YouTubers You Need to Watch Right Now

As a former fan of the Golden Era of YouTube, which, in my book, includes the likes of Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Zoella, Hannah Hart, and so on, every now and then I feel the need to go on a YouTube binge. However, the older I get, the more critical and less easily impressed I become. Finding content that consistently holds onto my attention for the duration of a fifteen minute video hasn’t been an easy task, but the three channels on this short list have managed to do so.

  1. 1. Kurtis Conner

    At 1.6 million subscribers, Kurtis Conner is easily the most well-known on this list - and for a good reason. I was introduced to Kurtis through my fifteen year old sister, who insisted I watch his videos, in February. The first video she showed me, titled ‘Country Boys of Tik Tok,” is a commentary type video on the rising popularity of Tik Tok (a kid’s video app) amongst the yee-haw community, and its comical outcome. Kurtis has made tons of videos on unlikely Tik Tok communities, such as e-Boys, divorce Tik Tok, and the police officers of Tik Tok - in fact, Tik Tok has kind of become his specialty. He’s also covered other weird internet phenomenons and personalities, such as niche memes, Noah Centineo, and Seventeen Magazine’s Bestie Picks Bae. What’s unique about his videos, though, is the personality he brings to them. He ironically over-edits his videos and turns small jokes into bits that could qualify as full length feature films. His sense of humor borderlines on cheesy, but he’s stupid adorable (I have a small crush on him), so he makes it work. He’s currently on tour, opening up for vine prodigies Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez.

    Start with: Christian Mingle: The Movie

  2. 2. Weston and Kalynn Koury (aka Sinjin Drowning)

    There’s nothing like some good, fun sibling banter, and that’s what Sinjin Drowning provides. But on steroids. Weston and Kalynn Koury are the brother-sister duo behind this channel, and I swear, some of their videos have made me pee my pants a little bit. They have 87 thousand subscribers, and the more their MovieStarPlanet videos make it onto peoples’ recommended lists, the more subscribers they gain. While most of their content is gaming related (mind you, when I say gaming I mean virus-heavy addicting games websites and Roblox), they also upload a lot of pointless, caffeine-induced vlogs of them doing literally nothing productive or significant in the slightest. My younger sister worded it perfectly: while Weston is clever and witty, Kalynn is spacey, slightly ditzy, and completely unreceptive to her brother’s non-stop joke cracking. You wouldn’t think this duo works so well, but for some reason, it just does. Their energy is chaotic, but in the most entertaining way possible.

    Start with: We Found Love on MovieStarPlanet

  3. 3. Tiffany Ferg

    Okay, I’ll wholeheartedly admit it - there was a period of time last year where I ~may have~ watched a few of Emma Chamberlain’s videos (I’m only human). During this trying time, YouTube kept ~aggressively~ recommending a Tiffany Ferg video called ‘Joanna Ceddia is the New Emma Chamberlain’. After weeks of seeing this video in my recommended, I reluctantly clicked on it - and I’m so thankful I did. That video was my entryway into the world of Tiffany Ferg’s Internet Analysis series, which I recommend to literally everyone I speak to about literally anything having to do with the internet ever. In this series, Tiffany takes popular trends and weird phenomenons that have some connection to the Internet and talks about them in a way that I never knew I needed. She also has a few older videos about her experiences studying abroad and working at a summer camp, both of which I’ve found to be helpful. At 267 thousand subscribers, she’s on the rise, and that is likely due to her mature, thoughtful points of view on subjects that heavily impact her audience. She’s very well-spoken and easy to follow, which makes her videos semi-addictive. I sort of view her as the older sister I never had, but always wanted.

    Start with: Family Vloggers are Ridiculous