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After a much-needed academic break, school is back in session at The New School. Here at HCTNS, we hope you used your free time wisely—aka to chill. I know I did, but between baking sessions and Netflix binges with my family, I caught up on three of my favorite podcasts. 


During the semester, I like to build time into my schedule to do something that’s just as productive as it is relaxing. One of the activities I usually default to is a long walk accompanied by my favorite podcast hosts. I never thought that I would be a “podcast person,” but last year proved that anything can happen. As final assignments piled on I didn’t have much time to plug in and listen, so I took the time over break to catch up on some of my faves. Below are three programs I think anyone in college would enjoy listening to—so carve out some time for yourself this semester and get streaming! 

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For the budding bakers and cooks: The Splendid Table

I could probably fall asleep to the sound of Francis Lam’s voice—I definitely have now that I think about it. The Splendid Table is American Public Media’s show for foodies, chefs and bakers. The program has been around since 1997, so you know it has to be good. Lam and his guests answer listeners’ questions on baking myths and meal ideas. He brings on some pretty curious food aficionados (like Ina Garten, Jacques Pepin and Samin Nosrat) that will have your ears glued to the stereo. 


For the wellness neophytes: What the F*uck is Sea Moss?

Hosted by “two Gen-z, vegan, Midwest girlies living in New York City,” What the F*ck is Sea Moss navigates the wild world of wellness with honesty and vulnerability. It’s a really fun listen that will stick with you throughout the week. I highly recommend “Episode 7: Wellness is F*cked”—because it is. Whether you’re just starting your “wellness journey” or have been trying to get through to people that the industry is just not all that it’s cracked up to be, this is the podcast for you. 


For the FaceTime devotees: @lexie

Listening to The @lexie Podcast is like phoning a friend. Lexie Lomard is a veteren YouTuber and Parsons alum, who speaks from the mind and the heart on her weekly show. Her “covid confessions” episode is super refreshing and something we should all listen to as this pandemic rages on. Episodes remind me to check in with myself, laugh at myself and love myself. If you’re in need of a confidence reboot, check her episode “being a hot girl.”

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Claudia Langella is a Literary Studies major at Lang and is the Chapter Leader of HCTNS. When she's not writing, it's likely you'll find her in the kitchen or taking long walks in the city.
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