Wake-Up-Late Morning Routine

We all have days where we wake up too late to get ready. Our beds are just too comfortable sometimes or we get all caught up in social media on our phones. Don’t fret though! Here are some quick, easy things you can do so you don’t go anywhere looking sloppy.


1. Always wash your face

Every morning you should wash your face. It helps you look awake, alert and fresh-faced. You get rid of that tired look and replace it with a fresh, awake look.

2. Brush your teeth

None one wants to smell stinky breath! Even if you don’t have enough time to fully brush and floss your teeth, just a quick brush will suffice.

3. Makeup time!

Maybe washing your face didn't give you the awakened look you were looking for. Never fear, makeup is here! A little pick-me-up could be putting a little makeup on. A go-to quick makeup pick me up is as simple as throwing on mascara, eyeliner, and blush. It makes your eyes look more alert and your face more awake.

4. Tackling Hair-zilla!

You never know how messy your hair will be when you wake up. Regardless, there are many ways you can tackle hair-zilla. First, brush it out to try and calm it down a little. Second, there are many hairdos you can try: half-up half-down, a ponytail, a braid, or a simple bun. Or, if your hair looks a little greasy, spray some dry shampoo in your hair.

5. Dress to Impress

Last but not least is picking out an outfit to wear. One overall solution is to pick out an outfit the night before. This will save the time that could be spent on deciding in the morning. If you forget to do that, grab your phone and check the weather. From there, throw together a quick outfit. Not something extremely fancy, but not like a bum (unless that is how you are feeling that day!). Something as simple as a t-shirt, scarf and a pair of jeans can make you good to go!


There you go! Hopefully this helps clear up your late mornings!