Small Self Care Steps to Incorporate into Your Day


Self care has been something people are really beginning to talk about a lot. What people aren’t realizing is that self care doesn’t have to be a whole big thing that you dedicate an entire day to. Self care happens in the small parts of our days and we most of the time don’t even realize it. So here’s a list of things that I consider self care in my long and busy days that you can incorporate into yours as well.


Taking an extra five minutes in the shower

My showers in the morning are where I collect my thoughts and really allow my brain to wake up. It’s one of the only times I’m completely alone all day and sometimes I like to relish in the hot water and the alone time so I’ll add an extra few minutes to my shower. It’s quick but it’s a little bit of time for me.


Take breaks during the day

I know that’s hard to say as a college student with classes to go to and clubs to attend and homework to get done. However, if you are doing homework and you find yourself getting a little flustered, take a break. Not a big long break, a small ten minutes or so. You’ll feel better and much more relaxed.


Take it slow and steady

This one tends to be a little more difficult but I’m finding that when I’m panicked about getting something in on time having all that panic is actually distracting and causes me to hand it in late. However, when I approach something calmly and take my time to do it, I’ve found that more often than not my work is better and it’s even in on time.


I hope you start to notice small things in your day that you can use as self care!