Seven Phases of Finals Week

1) You realize finals week is a few weeks away.

    Everything is well and good until your professors start to remind you that finals week is just a couple of weeks away. You start realizing just how many classes you slept through or spent on your phone and begin to freak out! There is no way you can make up those weeks that you zoned out and wasted.

2) You get set on starting to study in advance.

    You come to the realization that maybe you can teach yourself all the lectures you missed. You get down to business and then you get home. You see your comfy bed and your laptop and give into them. You get all bundled up in your bed and put some Netflix on. One episode turns into two episodes, and then it turns into finishing the show.

3) You start contemplating another career path.

    After you binge Netflix and check back into reality, you start to re-evaluate your life. Since you didn’t use that time to study for finals and give yourself a fighting chance, maybe changing your whole career path would help. Maybe a fresh start will help and you will be more productive, who knows?

4) You finally get the power to crack down and study.

    Suddenly, a wave of hope comes your way and your instantaneously get the strength to study again. This time you really are going to study everything you can and get a handle on the topics you need to know.

5) You start to self-destruct.

    Sometimes the studying gets to be too much, and you self-destruct. You start depending on coffee to keep you up and going, but it doesn’t help. The coffee fails you and your body starts de-constructing and going days without sleep. You stop comprehending what you’ve been reading over and over again. Then you get irritable and everything becomes distracting. You start to realize that it’s the end of the road and you need help.

6) You get it together, and try and cram the day before the final.

    Somehow with a little bit of sleep, you get it together and cram EVERYTHING before the final. YOU CAN DO IT!!

7) You finally sit down for the test.

    Finally it is test day. This can go one of two ways. Either ace the test and all that studying you did actually plays out in your benefit. Or you completely, and utterly fail and you will just sit in a puddle of sadness for a while. Either way good luck!!