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Life Lessons Told By Gina Rodriguez

I remember seeing Jane The Virgin promos and not giving Gina Rodriguez a second glance. Her Golden Globes speech after winning Best Actress in a TV Comedy, however, made me rethink watching the show. After binge-watching the series during winter break and following her on social media, Gina Rodriguez has become one of my role models. I have learned so much about life because of her, but I’ve narrowed it down to the top eight lessons:

1. Don’t Let Negative Comments Stop You From Accomplishing Your Goals


2. Be Comfortable With Your Body Type; You’re Okay Just The Way You Are


3. You’re In Control Of Your Life, Not Anyone Else


4. Try To Give Back In Any Way You Can


5. It’s Okay to Say ‘No’


6. Don’t Limit Yourself For No One


7. Work Hard And Stay Humble


8. You Can Do It – Always Believe In Yourself <3


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