Interview with Carly Hariton: Sorority member and French Club Executive Board Member

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This week I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Carly Hariton, a member of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority as well as a French Club Executive Board member. She was able to speak with me about her time here at New Paltz as well as the semester she spent abroad!


Q: Why did you choose SUNY New Paltz?


A: I transferred to New Paltz as a junior, from another SUNY school because I heard really great things from students already studying here. The campus is beautiful and the student community is really open and unique, and it's only two hours away from my home on Long Island. It was an easy choice to make the move when I was accepted.


Q: What is your major?


A: My major is Adolescent Education with a concentration in French


Q: How did you choose your major?


A: I have always loved studying French, but I didn't think it would ever turn into a career. One day in my French 200 class Freshman year, my professor looked at me and told me what a wonderful French teacher I was going to be--something clicked inside of me and I realized it was what I wanted to do. I declared my major the next day and I am so happy with my decision.


Q: What is your dream job?


A: My dream job and current goal is to become a middle school French teacher. I want to share my passion for culture, language and life long learning with young people. I also really hope that I get the opportunity to teach English either in France or Francophone Africa at some point in my life.

If I had to choose something totally unrealistic I would open my very own cupcake shop. With crazy gourmet flavors like you see on TV!


Q: Why did you choose Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S.


A: As a transfer and then studying abroad, I was coming back to a campus that I felt wasn't yet my own. I decided to check out a sorority because I wanted the chance to make new friends, hold leadership positions and participate in philanthropies. Kappa was perfect for me because it's a great group of girls that really care about each other. I heard about Kappa from a friend, and I had such a great time at the rush events. It felt like I met my new family, and I felt so welcomed.


Q: What do you like about Greek Life?


A: I love that I have only been a sister of Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S. for less than two months and I have already met so many people and done so many things. I feel like it has given me a place on this campus as well as beautiful memories that will last forever.


Q: Where did you study abroad?


A: I studied abroad in Besancon, France last Spring. It's towards the east, right next to Switzerland. I spent 6 months in the country I've dedicated my studies to!


Q: What was your favorite thing about your experience abroad?


A: My favorite thing about studying abroad is that every single day held a new and amazing surprise. I was learning and discovering so much everyday. Normal activities like, going to the grocery store, walking down the street, taking public transportation or finding a new beautiful park held pleasant surprises. I learned so much about culture and made friends from all over the world, our only language in common being French. My French improved and I loved having the opportunity to travel and see places that I've always dreamed of. That is definitely more than one favorite thing but I couldn't possibly only choose one. They were the best 6 months of my life!


Q: Would you want to go back and study abroad again/live there full time?


A: I definitely want to live in France again, because I feel that I can never stop learning about the language and culture. Being away helps you learn so much about yourself. I don't think I would move there permanently, though. Even though I really love hte European way of life my family is far too special to me. I could never live across an ocean from them permanently


Q: Do you have any advice for people who are newer to our campus?


A: My advice to anyone new would be to step out of your comfort zone! When I arrived here, I was so shy and kept to myself. Now, after pushing myself to open up, I'm on e board of the French club, I hold three positions in my sorority, I am a member of a living and learning community and I see familiar faces all over campus. Don't be afraid to look into opportunities that interest you -- they are the best part of college!


As you can see Carly has done a lot in her short time here at New Paltz and continues to be involved on campus in leadership positions. Carly was incredibly friendly and is a kind person who won’t be shy to say hello on campus!