How to Survive Finals Week




1) Don’t treat it like the end of the world

    Keep in mind that as long as you have been going to class, taking notes, and paying somewhat attention during lectures, you’ll be fine.   Obviously take it seriously, but let yourself live during the week.  It’s not the be-all-end-all, provided you take a little time to study.


2) But don’t get distracted by the upcoming break.

    I get it. I love Christmas shopping, and the idea of relaxing at home with my cats with no homework to do is utter bliss.  But you have to work before you can reward yourself.  Keep that break in mind as a motivator to get to the end of the week, not as a reason to check out early.

3) Remember to do things other than study

    I use finals week to do all the laundry that’s been piling up this semester (I consistently run out of pants). Also take time to go outside, enjoy any possible snow, and breathe some fresh air.  Make sure you eat, and let yourself enjoy a few moments of downtime.  

4) But don’t put off studying entirely.

    I am the QUEEN of acting like I don’t have a huge test coming up.  I watch YouTube, I depress myself flipping through Facebook news articles, I scroll through Instagram and double tap mindlessly: anything to keep myself from hitting the books.  But when finals week comes around, I become a no-nonsense studier.  I recommend rereading past articles from the semester or reviewing some chapters of the textbook.  Doing practice problems or answering review sheet questions are also handy ways to memorize important information, and as someone taking two language courses, Quizlet is my best friend.  Sometimes you do actually have to shut yourself in a room and drill information into your head, depending on how much you actually paid attention during the semester.

5) Work Hard!

    You are the future, my dude! You have this wonderful opportunity to get educated and apply your knowledge; finals are a reflection of that knowledge.

6) But Don’t Burn Yourself Out

  If your brain is fried, you won't do well. Refer back to point #1

Finals week is both a horrifying hell-scape and a fabulous reminder of how dang smart you are and how much you learned this semester.  So go forth, get ‘er done, and go enjoy the break.  Wishing you all the best of luck!