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How to Support the Mom Friend of Your Group


Every friend group has that one friend who is always checking up on everyone, making sure everyone got home okay after that wild party, or yelling at you when you haven’t eaten anything. Well, when was the last time you checked up on them? Sometimes, the mom friend is going through things that she might not want to tell the rest of the group about. If they are on your mind now, here are some tips to check-up/in on them.

1) Simply ask they’re doing

This gesture actually goes a long way. They are often taking the responsibility to take care of others and putting themselves last and forgets check in on themselves. Check in for them. Say, “Hey, how have you been holding up? Has everything been okay with you?” Regardless of what their answer would be, they would greatly appreciate the effort.

2) Offer to take their job sometimes

You noticed that they have been designated driver for the past few parties and it’s been a rocky week for them. Volunteer to be DD for the night! Let them have some fun and let loose! It will be an enjoyable time for everyone.

3) Let them know it’s okay to not be strong sometimes

Although they really enjoy being the mom friend, it’s hard for them to show vulnerable emotions in order to stay the glue of the group. Be that shoulder to lean on when it comes time. Let them know they are not alone and they are very well supported.

There are a lot more that you could do but I’m sure these small gestures will go a long way, I guarantee it.



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