Galentine's Day Self Care Tips


Galentine’s Day has become a phenomenon since the idea was first introduced on the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation”. Since the airing of the episode in which the holiday was first discussed the holiday has really taken hold with women around the country. The holiday is for ladies to celebrate ladies. It’s a day to hang out with friends and celebrate one another and your friendships.

Personally I have loved Galentine’s Day since the idea of it was introduced to me and have tried to celebrate it with my friends when it comes around every year. This year specifically I am going to do a self care themed Galentine’s Day with my friends and I want to share the ways you can do the same with your friends.


My first suggestion would be for all of you to go out and get your own specific facemasks. Everyone’s skin is different so I wouldn't recommend one of you just going and getting a few of the same. Facemasks are a great way to relax with your friends and do a little self care in the process. The mask itself is good for your skin and you’ll be doing something somewhat responsible to take care of your body while you’re having fun!


Going and getting your nails done with friends is a classic way to spend some quality time. However, I know all too well as a college student that going out and getting manicures and pedicures is very expensive. So I would suggest a night in doing one another’s nails and still getting that bonding time in without paying an arm and a leg for it.


A great bonding and self care activity is to watch something light and fun. A classic Romantic Comedy is great but so is binging episodes of “The Office”. Either way you can’t go wrong. This allows you and your friends to spend some time together without the pressure of keeping constant conversation going. You can watch a little bit and then chat a little bit. This is a great self care tool because you can really allow yourself to get lost in the show or movie if you want.


Remember to keep taking care of yourselves and not only on Galentine’s Day! Let me know your personal favorite self care activities below!