Four Challenges to Play on the Sims 4



The Legacy Challenge

  • The is one of the oldest, most classic challenges in the Sims history. First you create-a-sim of your choice. Then you move them into the biggest empty lot you can find in the town. They have to start impoverished. The “founder” that you created needs to build their house, earn wealth, and then make a second generation. You have to play on this single family for ten generations. This challenge is a lot of fun because you get to play through many decades and see the generations grow as you go.

100 Baby Challenge

  • This is another classic challenge for the Sims. The goal of this challenge is to have 100 babies in as few generations as possible. The catch to this challenge is that once you have a baby with one sim, you cannot have another baby with that same sim again! There are no cheats allowed and your mother character is not allowed to have a job. Once the original mother gets to be an elder and can no longer have babies, the youngest girl born to the founder continues the legacy. This is such a fun challenge that I have personally played!

History Challenge

  • This challenge was designed to start in the “prehistoric” age, and takes you and your Sims through many time periods, ending in the Modern era. You start off with two Sims and place them into an empty world. They can’t have any jobs, but can sell anything that they collect. They can’t have a “house” so they must live in a tent or on the land and only eat food they have caught or grown. Then they must complete certain goals to move on from the prehistoric era, to the early civilization era and so on. This challenge is unique because it is a spin on the legacy challenge. Many people who play the Sims love this challenge.

Disney Princess Challenge

  • This is one of the most popular Sims challenges. First you start off with Snow White. You create her and her 7 children (the dwarfs). Each child has to have a bad trait and all the children have to have the same father. They also must all have to complete their aspiration or get an A in school to move on. The next princess is Cinderella. She will be a female from Snow White’s descendants when they become a teenager. She will need the “neat” and “foodie” traits and will have to clean the house and cook everyday. She also can’t marry until the mother dies. From generation to generation you can continue with other Disney princesses. This challenge is a lot of fun because you get to live through the lives of your favorite Disney princesses.


Hope you get a chance to try these out! These are my favorite things to do when I play the Sims!