A Dozen Ways Dating And Job Searching Are Ultimately The Same


1.     Putting yourself out there: Whether you post your resume up on every job board, create a dating profile or simply go out and talk to people, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. Your prince charming or the perfect job is not going to just come and knock down your door to find you. I also highly encourage all to apply and put themselves out there for relationships and jobs that they THINK may be out of their league. You may be pleasantly surprised by who may actually be interested in you as well.

2.     Having luck: It is about being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes an opportunity may come to you at the most unexpected moment or in the most unusual form. You can end up exchanging your business card in a group Uber cab for a job opportunity or converse with someone you just hit things off with on public transportation and make a date. It is up to you though to take advantage of those rare chances.  So, treat every day like an interview or as if you are going to meet the love of your life. You never know what is going to happen or whom you are going to meet.

3.     Picking and Choosing: You have to weed through all opportunities—dating and job opportunities have their fair share of frauds, by advertising themselves as something they are not. Do your research and make sure you aren’t being cat-fished by a company or someone online. Some agencies online claim to be legitimate, provide promising training or encompass particularly vague characteristics that you may initially seem interested in. Yet, the job opportunity is making cold calls and making commission based sales, which isn’t really your thing. The same thing goes for dating. Someone may advertise themself as outgoing, tall, or even single and then you find out this person is actually shy, short and in a relationship.

4.     Networking and ‘Friends of Friends’: You get set up or referenced by your friend, family member or colleague. You know people who are looking out for you and want you to be happily dating and employed. They can help you out because personal recommendations can go a long way.

5.     Snagging the date: Whether it is a first job interview or a date, picking a time to meet for the first time that is convenient for all is super important. If you don’t schedule a set time, place or day within the first week of talking, consider it unfortunate and most likely, never going to happen.

6.     Emotions: You might feel a little nervous right beforehand; meanwhile there is nothing to worry about because everybody does in the beginning. It will only be as awkward as you make it, so try not to let your nerves or emotions get the best of you, where you appear to be a chatty locomotive, a silent shutdown, or a blubbering Jessica Day about a puppy in a cup.

7.     The perfect outfit: You want to give the right impression and be the best version of yourself. You don’t want to go on a date too dressed up nor too casual. For a first job interview, you need to keep it corporate and professional.  Save that comfortable and casual look for later.

8.     Conversation: You already have your personal monologue memorized when your interviewer or date asks you, “So, tell me a little bit about yourself” and “What are you looking for?” People like to be around those with a positive energy who genuinely want to be where they are and know themselves well. Be confident in your presence, yet humble in your conversations like Queen Bey.

9.     Timeliness: Consider it a no-go if you are late to an interview. Being tardy for a date does not look too good when it comes to first impressions either. 

10. Being yourself: Be memorable and show some enthusiasm- there are plenty of other people putting themselves out there in both the dating and professional worlds. Make yourself stand out (in the most positive ways of course!).

11. Settling: Don’t you dare settle for less, compromise your morals, values or even happiness – know your worth, skills and deal-breakers. That person or job is certainly not the only one out there in the world for you.  Your choices are not as limited as you think.

12.  Waiting: After an interview or a date, waiting for that phone call, e-mail or text message can be nerve-wracking! They’ll both say they will keep in touch and that you will hear from them again soon but only round two of interviews and a second date will give you a better gauge as to which direction things are actually going.