Animal Crossing Pocket Camp : The Cutest Addiction Ever

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp kind of blew up overnight.  Harping on every millennial and Gen Z kid’s fondest memories, ACPC offers a ton of free content with only a little bit of pressure from Tom Nook.


Now, what about this game keeps people so enthralled?  Keep in mind, the entire plot revolves around collecting fish, bugs, and fruit, giving them to animals, and paying Cyrus to build you tents, tables, and cups of tea (??) to get the animals to visit you.  In essence, it’s the game of favors.

Before you accuse me of being mean to this game, I’ll have you know that I love it.  I’m level 22, and I’m only a few items away from having Ketchup come stay at my campsite.


I think the love for this game comes from a few different places.  Nostalgia is definitely one of them.  I remember hanging out with my neighbor in fourth grade and watching her play Animal Crossing on her Nintendo DS, and later playing along on the Wii.  The day I bought Animal Crossing for my own DS was a day of triumph, and I still mourn the fact that I lost the cartridge on a plane back in 2009. Having this app on my phone takes me back to the simple days of DS and pretend-debt with Tom Nook, instead of my now very real college debt.

Another is the relaxation of the game paired with interactive-ness.  Relaxing apps have been all the rage these past few years-- Neko Atsume, AbyssRium, and KleptoCats all had their time in the spotlight, but they were left to the wayside once the new fad-appeal dissipated.  But as relaxing as Pocket Camp is, it still always gives you something to do without paying for time to move faster.  Waiting on a craft? Go pick some fruit? Fished the rivers dry? Go visit your friend’s market box and buy some fish from them! Out of money? Redecorate! They never leave you without something to do.

Finally, I think the appeal of this game comes from the aesthetic. I’ve never seen such a diverse, colorful, adorable cast of characters who love seashells and lunch as much as I do.  Plus, they’re all super nice to you.  If you’re feeling stressed or having a spat with your friend, log in to ACPC and have Punchy and Apollo tell you how you’ve made this their best vacation ever, or have Carrie and Lilly tell you what a good friend you are!

In short, download the game. It’s fun, it’s free, it’s Animal Crossing. What more could you ask for in an addiction?


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