Aeropostale Jewelry Review

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Jewelry is one of those things I desperately try to incorporate into my outfits, but I never seem to get the right stuff that makes me want to wear it more than once.  I’ve turned to several different retailers to try and find the perfect accessories, but nothing ever appealed to me particularly.  Part of this had to do with where I was looking--a few limited, cheaply priced stores.  So, while I never would have thought to turn to Aeropostale for my jewelry needs before, after I wore their rings, I found that I really enjoyed their products!  

I tried their rings, and found there were several designs I really liked.  The package I obtained had a wide array of styles, from simple gold bands, to a sparkly moon (pictured), to my favorite, an opal ring (also pictured).  I got compliments on one shaped like an arrow wrapping around my finger, and one of them looked like a genuine engagement ring!

I was wearing up to four rings at a time, seeing as I couldn't pick which one I liked the most until recently, and then I started sticking to either the opal ring or one of the simple gold bands, which provided nice variety in what I could pair with my outfits.

My only concern for these rings is that they’re clearly designed for people with skinny fingers than my own.  The rings would only slip onto my ring and pinky fingers easily, but they would fly off my pinky if I moved my hand too quickly, and they would hurt a lot to take off my ring finger unless I put soap or water on it first.  I think these rings are a really cute decorative addition to any outfit, just so long as your fingers are slender enough!