5 Things I'm Looking Forward To After Spring Break

With Spring break rapidly approaching, it's easy to get sucked in to the allure and forget about coming back to school entirely. But unlike most this year, I am excited to come back after break. Plus, the end of Spring Break means its that much closer to summer, and who doesn’t want that? Here are the top five things I am most excited about when we get back from break in 2018.


1) Fall Registration Begins!

I know registration can be hectic and often turns into the hunger games, but new classes are exciting. I know nothing gets me more hype than deciding which classes to take, and how to fit my schedule so that it works best. Maybe that’s just me though! I love that feeling of a fresh start every semester.

2) Sunny skies and Green grass.

Once break is over, we start to really see a change in the weather. April and May are rainy, but they also are when the trees start to bud and animals come back from hibernation. Now if only all the cute boys would come out of hiding!

3) Farmer’s Market.

I don’t know about you, but I love casually browsing the bookshelves of the market every Thursday on my way to class. I can’t really do that lately with the nasty weather, and having it inside just isn’t the same. I’m so excited to have the market outside again, and chill on the quad with my book after class instead of bundling up and sprinting from building to building.

4) Housing Choices.

After spring break, we get to start thinking about where we want to live next year! For some it can be stressful, but it’s kind of nice to have a say in where you want to live. Whether it’s off-campus, a residence hall, or with friends, it’s a brand new adventure every year!

5) Summer!

This is really what it’s all about. BBQ’s, nice weather, and three months off from school. Even working can be exciting! Find a fun internship or take a few spontaneous trips and visit some landmarks. Summer road trip anyone? Once Spring Break is over we have less than two months until summer vacay!