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Rainy days are great days in disguise. There are so many things that you can either do or not do. You can veg out or be super productive since you’d rather not be outside in the gross rain. Here are some things that you can accomplish (or not) on a rainy day.


1) Catch up on a TV show that you’ve been meaning to catch up on

We all have that one TV show that we started, but then life got in the way and we couldn’t keep up. Rainy days are the perfect day to pop some popcorn and camp out on the couch to catch up on that show!

2) Tidy up the house

Rainy days are the perfect day to tidy up the house. You can spend all day long cleaning the house because it is probably long overdue.

3) Work on homework

We all have homework to do that is due relatively soon, but till this point we were able to make excuses to not do. On rainy days, it is always a good time to just sit down and knock the homework out. I promise is feels rewarding in the end.

4) Start a new project

Rainy days are also a good time to start something new. You may get bored and not know what to do, so why not start a new project? You can start knitting, learning a new trick, or learning a new language and so on.

5) Bake!

This is my favorite thing to do on rainy days! There is never enough time to bake on a normal day because I’m always so busy doing chores and trying to meet deadlines. But, I’m a sucker for a baking day!

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