5 Self Care Tips as we Gear Up for Finals


Self care is important all year round. However, it is especially important as we enter the last few weeks of classes. Stressing out about grades is something that every single student in every single major goes through at this time of year and we need to do a better job of taking care of our stress levels as we near finals. So I’m giving you my 5 favorite self care activities to do during finals week and the weeks leading up to it!


1) Get Outside!!

    Staying in the library doing work all day long may be extremely tempting. However, it will benefit you even to just take a ten minute walk outside during the day. The fresh air and natural sunlight will bring you a little joy in these very stressful times.

2) Color!

    I know it sounds childish but coloring has been something that has been able to relax me for years! I think for me it’s being able to focus on something other than a computer screen or a textbook that calms me. I think its worth a shot for everyone to try it at least once!

3) Journal

    Sometimes things get so stressful you don’t even know how to properly express it. Journaling, even online can be a great way to express all of your frustration and stress with the world without having to say it to another person or be afraid of hurting anyone's feelings.

4) Listen to music or a podcast

    I have a newfound love for the world of podcasts. I especially love to sit at home after a long day and listen to my favorites. I find it really relaxing to just get lost in the podcast and the conversations going on. Maybe give a podcast or a new album a try and just let yourself breathe for once.

5) Take a break!

    The most important piece of advice that I can give you is to make sure you’re taking breaks. If you work yourself hard all week and the weeks before finals you are going to be way more stressed out than you need to be.


I hope you find my personal self care tips for the coming weeks helpful!! If you have any of your own please let me know in the comments below!!!