25 Things That Make Me Happy


Recently, I haven’t been in a very good place. I’ve been questioning my place in my family, the university, and this world, and it’s been very hard for me to get a good grip on things. In doing this, I lost touch with myself, and could no longer hold onto my passions and interests. I became a shell of my former self. I don’t say this because I am now immediately better; I say this because I have hopefully taken the appropriate steps to get myself on the right track. I have also realized that the littlest things are the ones we should be grateful for. Life isn’t just about getting through the day, or the week, or the month. It’s about enjoying every moment, good or bad, and exploring all possibilities. There are limitless opportunities in the world, and sometimes we forget to see those opportunities in the midst of our daily mindless routines. Here is a list of 25 little things that never fail to make me happy, even on the worst of days.


  1. The bright pink sunset

  2. The smell of a holiday candle warming up the house

  3. Long drives down a snowy road

  4. Christmas music

  5. Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate

  6. Walking alone down a crowded street

  7. The crisp cold air after a rainy night

  8. Messy kitchens after nights of baking

  9. Warm chocolate chip cookies

  10. Laughing so hard I forget to breathe

  11. Bright red faces in the cold

  12. Family traditions

  13. Falling asleep on the couch

  14. Long hot showers at night

  15. Spending hours browsing the library

  16. Confidence and bright smiles

  17. Disclosing secrets you never thought you’d share

  18. Crazy spontaneous outings

  19. Cozy outfits and lazy days

  20. Taking the time to peruse an entire store

  21. Finding unexpected treasures

  22. Milkshakes at midnight

  23. Bean Boots

  24. My home away from home {222}

  25. Feeling complete happiness


I’m sure there are plenty more, and I would really love to hear them. Let’s make this a challenge, to remember the good little things and not dwell on all of the negatives. Comment your favorite little things down below!