21 Life Lessons From "Frozen"

Most people these days are completely sick of anything mentioning "Frozen," Elsa, Olaf, or the term “Let it go.” Even though it is about two years since Disney’s release of “Frozen,” the movie continues to influence many people. While many think the main target audience was children, and it perhaps could have been, the film resonated with people of all ages. People may be sick of the movie, but they can never forget the lessons it teaches and the memories it brings up.


1. A snow day is the best day.

Everyone can relate to doing the happy dance when they were younger and a snow day was called which meant they were able to snuggle under their blankets with hot chocolate and spend the rest of the day building snowmen and having snowball fights.

Even now, as a college student, when students see snow on the ground and get the campus alert that classes are cancelled, they get that giddy feeling that they once had when they were a kid.


2. Waking up is not all that beautiful.

Growing up, most characters, both animated and real, woke up with hair and makeup perfectly in place, giving unrealistic expectations of how waking up can be. Anna proves it is okay to be a hot mess in the morning. So the next time it seems like your hair just does not want to cooperate and your pillow is wet with drool, remember that there is a Disney princess that went through the same thing, and she cleaned up pretty nicely.


3. Sometimes all you need is a laugh.

No matter how long two people have been separated, inside jokes and funny moments will always keep them together. Whether they were separated by distance, were shut out, or had a falling out, sometimes the smallest things can bring them back together. If someone is having a bad day, try to cheer them up because it can make all the difference in the world to this person.


4. Family and true friends will always be there no matter what.

Always let at least one person in when things get tough. It may be difficult, but it will help in the long run. Choose a trusted person, whether it’s a family member, a friend, or professional, and vent. Never keep things bottled up as it will only make things worse.


5. It’s okay to be awkward.

Seeing a crush or cute person on the other side of the room can be nerve racking. While playing it cool is important, that can all get thrown completely out the window, and fast.  Awkward silences, mumbled words, and random thoughts emerge and cannot be taken back. All the effort in trying to play it cool is gone and embarrassment ensues. While this may feel like the most horrible thing for a moment, it will all be okay. Afterall, it’s okay to be awkward and tongue tied. Sometimes, the other person may even find it charming or cute.


6. Being nervous and experiencing fear is a normal reaction.

No matter what the fear is, it is okay to be scared or nervous. Fear itself is natural and the responses to it are normal. Never let fear take control, as it can have negative consequences. Do not let fear be the enemy and never hold it in– it can be worse than experiencing the fear itself. Don’t be like Elsa and keep everything bottled up, because eventually it will all come out unintentionally and will be unable to be controlled.


7. Never conceal the real you.

Elsa was told, since she was a young child, to hold back and never show her powers or her true self. While she may have thought this was best for her, instead it made her fearful and unaware of who she really was. Growing up, everyone has felt this way. In order to fit in or make friends with certain people, everyone hid who they truly were on the inside and put on a facade to the rest of the world. Elsa’s own fear and the consequences of this fear ended up being her own enemy and affected her relationships. This demonstrates the consequences of concealing who a person truly is and how it can negatively impact not only their self esteem and view of themselves, but their relationships.


8. Self discovery is extremely rewarding.

During the movie, Elsa’s journey of self discovery is shown and how she finally embraces her true self and knows where she belongs. This can resonate with everybody who has ever felt they didn’t know who they really were or where they belonged. Eventually, everybody figures this out. Never hold back and do not apologize for discovering yourself.


9. No dreams are too big.

Olaf is a snowman who wants to experience summer. This is crazy and how can there possibly be a lesson in this, right? Well, Olaf had a dream, which seemed a little ridiculous, but he knew what he wanted to do and did not give up on it. Never give up on a dream, no matter how impossible it may be and never let anyone judge your dreams. In the end, the crazy and unrealistic dreams may actually come true.


10. Families come in all shapes and sizes.

All families are different. Never be ashamed of family, because they are always going to be there for you. No matter how big, small, or even crazy your family may be, know that there is nobody else out there like them.


11. Everyone is a bit of a fixer upper.

Everybody is looking for that perfect somebody. The only problem with this is that perfection does not exist. Even if the perfect person did exist, the idea perfection is overrated. Sometimes the best people to give a chance to are imperfect, have flaws, and can be a fixer upper, but they can be worth all the effort.


12. Sometimes the first person isn’t the right one.

The idea of true love is always something people dream about. Typically, the first person that someone falls for is always believed to be their “one true love” and they will never let them go. Sometimes, this leads to seeing through rose-colored glasses and seeing the relationship as something that it isn’t. Everybody wants to believe they found the right person, even if that is a total lie. If things don’t work out with the first guy or girl, don’t fret because the right person is out there, they may just take some time to find.


13. It is okay to question love and not know what it is right away.

People love to jump into love, even if they don’t completely understand what it is. Love is a natural feeling that cannot be forced or understood right away. It is okay not to fully understand it, question it, or be unsure of what it is. Don’t force it, because in the end, love comes at the most unexpected times and places.


14. Some people are worth the sacrifice.

When love is felt, whether it is romantically, through friendship, or even family, sometimes it is worth the sacrifice. This is not to say to sacrifice everything for everybody, but sometimes giving up a little something for someone you love can be worthwhile.


15. It is okay to be upset and cry once in awhile.

Like nerves and fear, it’s okay to cry and show emotion. When something bad happens, sadness is a natural reaction and should never be suppressed. Whether it be through talking things out with a trusted person or by simply “letting it go,” getting your feelings out is always the best way to go– bottling them up will only lead to negative, and possibly destructive, results.


16. Be Selfless.

Anna had the chance to save herself but instead of running to Kristoff, she ran to help save Elsa. She did it because she loved her sister and would rather save her than herself. While sacrificing one’s life to save someone else may be extreme, the idea is still there. Next time, instead of watching an elderly person standing on public transportation, offer a seat. Volunteer or donate clothing. Selflessness doesn’t have to be extreme, but it can make all the difference.


17. No matter how long it has been, some people will always care.

If two people haven’t spoken to each other in months or years, if a bond was once there, these people will always care for one another. A best friend or a family member may have distanced themselves or not spoken to you everyday, but know that these people will always care. There are no strings attached except for unconditional love and a desire to be there for this person.


18. Don’t hold a grudge.

Anna had every reason to hold a grudge against Elsa. She shut her out for almost all of her childhood, didn’t give her an okay to marry Hans, and almost killed her by shooting her with ice. Through all this and no matter what happened, Anna didn’t care. She still loved her sister and wanted to start over with her. No argument with a roommate or friend who stole a shirt, or a sister who used a pair of shoes without asking is worth holding a grudge. Take some time, cool down, and then forgive them because life is too short to be holding grudges over small things.


19. It may seem hard, but one day the first “true love” will be forgotten and gotten over.

Sometimes, people don’t want to forget their first love, and that’s okay. Other times, letting go can be tough but needed for the sake of one’s mental and emotional health. Don’t force it, but officially getting over someone will happen. It can be difficult, but one day, especially when the right person it met and with the help of friends and family, it will happen.


20. Sometimes the least expected person can be the one.

Sometimes the person who was more of a friend, or even acquaintance could  actually be the one. Don’t leave the person who has been there for you through thick and thin. Give them a chance. It may be a risk, but it could be well worth it.


21.  Anyone can be a princess or even a queen.

Want to be a princess? Go for it. Want to be a queen? Do it. Nobody can define one person except the person themself. So don’t worry what others say. Be a queen and own it.