20DoW: Day 9

Day 9: My friendship with Olive

(Yes, this is Alli/Melinda Shankar & Jenna/Jessica Tyler from Degrassi. Me & Olive don't have pictures together yet so this will do.)

O.H., Our friendship, to say the least, is warming. I don't think I've ever had a friend like before. We're so different, not including the obvious racial differences (she is White and I am Black). But at the same time, we're so similar. We both love anime, mythology, dark colors, art, Japanese culture, tea, and have the tendency to be a bit pessimistic. She is very loyal, and she knows I'll never leave her side. She puts up with me when I'm having one of my episodes, she always asks me if I ate (and will feed me if I haven't), she keeps me up to date on the latest anime/manga, and deep down, she's a sweetheart. Well, a sweetheart with a love for weapons. I love her, I really do. She makes me incredibly happy. She's my best friend, my closest friend on campus. We've been friends since freshmen year '15 in Lenape and I hope we go many more. <3

From your pal, Jai.

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