10 Words Every Paltz Student Knows

1.     The Gunk


Not a rock band, but a preserve in the fall and an ice skating rink in the winter.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:  No swimming allowed.


2.     “Health and Safety Check”


The number one dreaded term for on-campus residents.  Also the number one reason students hide all of their illegal dorm items.


3.     Parking Permit


Whether you have a car on campus, or don’t, this term will forever be embedded in your brain.  Just get a permit.


4.     H.A.B Circle


The meeting place for various groups on campus aka “The place in front of the big glass building!”  


5.     Hip-Hop Cardio


The sole purpose the gym exists.  An hour of sweat, dancing, and some more sweat!  Most likely the best class you’ll find at the gym


6.     Main Street


This might be the only street in New Paltz.


7.     Bistro


Craving two eggs, home fries, and whole-wheat toast?  Go on to Main Street Bistro and grab it for a whopping $1.95.  No wonder the place is always packed!


8.     Happy Hour


Every student's Friday night out.


9.     SUB


Home of the fancy freestyle Coke machines no one can afford.


10.  H.A.S


Hasbrouck Dining Hall.  Enough said.