10 Gifts Under $20 for Your Favorite Nerd


With the Holidays fast approaching we’re all on the hunt for gifts for our loved ones. Working with a college budget can be difficult but with a little help from this list you can find some cute gifts for your favorite nerdy friends under $20!


1) Star Wars Death Star USB Wall Charger- $4.99

Get your favorite nerd this USB plug for their phone to be charged by the power of the Dark Side

2) 2018 Star Trek Cats Wall Calendar- $14.99

Got a friend who loves cats and Star Trek? Combine the two in this perfect gift!

3) Star Trek Logo Mug 20 Oz- $6.99

Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning boldly? Get your friend this mug for their super bold coffee

4) Stark Trek Adult Coloring Book- $11.99

Someone you know love to color and need to destress? Get them this super detailed adult coloring book made just for Star Trek lovers

5) Harry Potter Uniform 14 Oz Mugs- $9.99

Whether you’re a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin you can love everything about these mugs. With one mug for each house you can’t go wrong with this cute gift!

6) Game of Thrones House Sigil Cookie Cutters- $14.99

These cookie cutters are perfect for the favorite baker in your family!

7) I Drink and I Know Things Ladies Muscle Tank- $19.99

Good for lounging around and hanging out in this shirt is made for your favorite wine lover.

 8) Princess Bride Brute Squad 20 Oz Ceramic Mug- $12.99

A great mug for your friend who finds their mornings completely inconceivable!

 9) Slocum's Joe - Delicious Every Time- $6.99

An awesome mug for long gaming sessions

10) Pokemon Pikachu Portable Charger- $9.99

A great charger with lots of power behind it for your favorite Pokemon Trainer!


I hope this list was helpful to some people! Let me know if you like anything on this list!


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