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Your New Musical Soulmate: Bryson Tiller

Every artist is different, whether it be their voice, their lyrics, or their audience: a group of people who personally connect with the style and poetic words of each song. We all have a song or musician that we will never grow tired of; even as the years pass we still remain loyal and get that HELL YEAH feeling when their song comes up on our playlist.

Recently, a new artist has popped up on the radar and he’s just released his mixtape T R A P S O U L. He’s a man who’s transformed his struggles and most inner deep thoughts into a Trap and R&B mix of songs that are quickly gaining him recognition from artists like Trey Songz, Timbaland, and Drake. 
But first, let’s learn a little sumtin sumtin about this rising artist! Bryson Tiller is a 22-year-old singer/ rapper/ songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. In several interviews, he speaks on his musical and personal journey. At a young age, his mother passed away, and he turned to music as form of releasing his emotions. Tiller knew making music would be his mark on the world, as he dropped his first mixtape Killer Instinct at the age of only 17.  Knowing school wasn’t for him, he borrowed $600 from friends to buy studio equipment, and started making music that he hoped would resonate with his listeners. Tiller started releasing his songs on SoundCloud and found success through his song “Don’t”, reaching more than 22 million plays. 


But he hasn’t stopped there; with the release of T R A P S O U L Tiller is No.2 on Billboard’s R&B chart and No.11 on the Billboard 200 Chart. He’s sold out all shows in a matter of minutes and will be embarking on his first tour very soon. The mixtape holds a variety of songs ranging from Rap song “Rambo”, which caught the attention of Sylvester Stallone himself, to the tear-worthy single “Right My Wrongs.” In a The Boombox interview, Tiller states his reasoning for the musical mixture: “A lot of the songs on T R A P S O U L give you different feelings. A different emotion…I didn’t want it to be all the same emotion.” 

People please check out BRYSON TILLER NEW SONG CALLED. “Rambo”. YouTube Pretty amazing if I say so myself!! Great pic.twitter.com/WgajIJkHVD

— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) September 29, 2015 

The best is yet to come from Bryson Tiller. His name will appear next to artists like Drake and The Weeknd very soon! So check him out and fall in love with this music prodigy!

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