Why We Chose University of New Haven


You may see on social media a lot of people complaining about the University of New Haven, but we are all still here for a reason. We all have a story on why we decided to come to UNH out of all the schools in the world.

I have a connection with the University that most people will not have. I came to the University of New Haven as a young seventh grader to go to a summer camp involving Video Production (now my major). My parents just wanted me to try new things and not waste away my summer, like most kids my age.

Fast-forward four years, when I was accepted to the University of New Haven and six other universities. I toured all of them and gave them all a chance, but I saved University of New Haven for last (mostly because of timing). I stepped on campus and it felt like home to me. Plus, I met some of the faculty from the summer camp and they still remembered me! It was the perfect fit for me and I have never looked back on my decision.

University of New Haven is the best place for me and the school has allowed me to strive to become a better person and gave me opportunities I would have never found anywhere else. I am grateful for what the University has given to me and I am sure other students feel the same way.

Here are some of the reason’s our students are here:

“UNH has a great campus feel. Big enough where I still meet people every day but small enough to have that small campus feel. I picked it to be my home away from home regardless of the programs offered.” –Mary Perucci, Marketing, Class of 2017


“New Haven is the perfect area, especially since I want to focus on homelessness/foster care law practices. UNH has a wonderful teacher to student ratio for my major, and I have great relationships with all of my professors, who will help me get internships/jobs and start law school in the future.” –Sierra Carlstedt, Political Science, Class of 2020

“I chose UNH because of the international opportunities. The University of New Haven’s study abroad program provides students with so many unique opportunities. Moreover, the study abroad program is financially realistic for families. I'm also participate in the model united nations club and we travel to NYC, Washington D.C. and Japan this year. I love UNH because we are a ‘small’ school and every student can utilize the opportunities that our school provides.” –Ellen Callahan, Communication, Class of 2017


“I chose UNH because of my Charger Day experience. When I spent the night here visiting, I fell in love. I loved the environment; the rooms and everyone I talked to greeted me with a smile. I also really enjoyed how much everyone seemed to know each other!” –Marina Jube, Graphic Design, Class of 2018


“I chose UNH because I grew up living in West Haven so I've always been really familiar with the area, campus and community. I always admired how the students were so involved in my hometown. In high school, I decided staying close to home was best for me, so I knew UNH was a great choice, and it offered a lot with my major in Psychology. I also loved how there's a campus in Prato, Italy so I could have the chance to study abroad.” –Danielle Cummings, Psychology, Class of 2019

“I chose UNH because it was far enough away, but can still visit home whenever I want/need to. I knew a handful of people from my school would come here every year, so I figured I'd apply. When I came to visit, I immediately fell in love and knew it would be my new home.” –Taylor Edgecomb, Business Management, Class of 2017


“I chose UNH because it's where I really feel like I belong. I tried going to school somewhere else for the last two years and it never felt right. I just transferred here and I honestly couldn't be happier. I feel so much more comfortable on the campus, and the vibe is so different (in the best way!). I grew up in West Haven, my mom is an alumni of the University. I definitely (finally) made the right choice!” –Nici Bruno, Communication and Criminal Justice, Class of 2019


“As an international student, when it came to picking a school, I focused on a few important features that would make my decision easier. Those features, in no specific order, were the following: small, cozy campus so that I may easily move around; good Chemistry department, as I am a Chemistry major; and a geographically desirable position because I wanted to enjoy four very different seasons. UNH offered me the first two, and a few relatives of mine who have been in Connecticut before described that atmosphere to be what I was looking for. Therefore, I made the decision to get my B.S. Chemistry here. Currently a senior student, and I do believe I will miss this school dearly when I graduate. Beautiful campus, small, friendly community, and a some very inspiring staff members!” –Aziz Alghannam, Chemistry, Class of 2017


“I was looking for schools who were accredited and had great Criminal Justice program. That was all I was looking for and I found UNH. When I came to visit, I really liked the community!” –Nohelia Toribio, Criminal Justice, Class of 2017

No matter the reason why we are here, we all have University of New Haven in common.

We are all Chargers. We are together. We are family.