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Why Desperate Housewives Should Return to Netflix

Looking for a show to binge watch with the perfect balance of comedy and drama? Look for further. Desperate Housewives is your answer. But unfortunately in January 2015, the mean people of Netflix took off this hit show, which is still hurting my heart to this day. I dearly miss the four wonderful women of Wisteria Lane, but will continue their legacy until it is back on Netflix, so that YOU can watch it and have it fill that void (that you may not even know exists) in your heart. Need some convincing as to why you should be as obsessed as I am? No problem, here are just a few of the many reasons Netflix should bring back Desperate Housewives.

1. The four main characters Bree, Susan, Lynette and Gaby have an unbreakable friendship, through the ups & downs, that everyone should aspire for. Each character faces their own difficulties and they all have completely different personalities, which balance out one another perfectly.

2. Bree Van De Kamp strives to be the perfect housewife. We miss her being a perfectionist, especially when it comes to baking pies. Bree is a relatable character as she faces many realistic life struggles, but still strives for a perfect life. She acts as if nothing is wrong, and the viewers really feel bad for her during certain situations.

3. There’s no other character in history like Susan Mayer. She has an awkward charm, where her clumsiness becomes cute. Her fans are always rooting for her romantic relationships, specifically with the new hunky neighbor Mike Delfino. There is no way to not love Susan, and her story-line.

4. Lynette Scavo is a character to truly admire. She faces health issues, a struggling relationship with her husband, a career and multiple children. In many episodes, her strength is truly amazing and can really motivate viewers to be strong throughout hardships in life.

5. Gabrielle Solis is one of a kind. Her and her husband, Carlos at first are spoiled and conceited, but as time goes on and they expand their family, they begin to come back down to earth. Gaby goes from a hot young woman who loves to shop, to someone who is struck hard by motherhood. Although Gaby can be a handful, we still love her.

If these short synopsis’ of the characters hasn’t hooked you in yet, then let’s take a look deeper into some of the best moments of Desperate Housewives (without trying to give too much away).

6. When Gaby mows the lawn in a gorgeous formal gown

7. When Susan chats with a neighbor, and he gives her some great advice

8. When Gaby expresses her love for food over her daughters

9. When Bree explains her busy schedule

10. When Gaby’s daughter acted just like her

11. When Edie Britt shut down Gaby after 5 years passed without seeing her since she had children

12. And lastly, that time Lynette told the God honest truth

This is only a tiny bit of the action displayed throughout the eight seasons of Desperate Housewives. This show has made me laugh, cry and taught me valuable life lessons. If Netflix brought back this show, I would binge watch it repetitively, and I would highly encourage you to do the same. You wouldn’t regret it. So Netflix, why don’t you do us all a favor and bring back this awesome series?

Hi! I'm Danielle and i'm an undergraduate at the University of New Haven dreaming of experiencing all the world has to offer. I am a psychology major with a passion for helping others and expressing myself through writing. You can probably find me on the beach or outdoors, and if not i'm definitely binge watching Netflix. Follow me on social media @DMarieCxoxo :) 
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