Weather in New England

If you live in New England, then you know the struggle of the weather. Even in the middle of February, you can’t decide whether to wear shorts and a t-shirt or 18 layers to prepare for the arctic tundra.

So, this makes being a college girl a REAL struggle. Every morning, we wake up and check the weather app, which really doesn’t help much at all.

We walk to class in the morning dressed for Alaskan temperatures…

…And walk out of class that afternoon like we stepped onto a Hawaiian beach, making it impossible to look cute under all of our sweat.

Then, you have to walk to class, carrying all of your layers, sweating bullets, and—for some reason—so out of breath.

Once you finally calm down, you can’t help but sit in class and think about what magical weather miracle is waiting for you once you get out.

There is no difference until nighttime hits, and suddenly, it’s freezing cold again. Then, you wake up the next day to 10 feet of a snow and a school cancellation.

But, no matter how much you complain about New England weather, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Enjoy the rest of the winter, and don’t forget to bundle up—or not. Just wear shorts and a tank top under your 18 layers of clothes!