Top 5 Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Roommates

Halloween away at college is always a blast! Costumes, make-up, candy, jello-shots… it’s a grand ol’ time. But sometimes thinking of a costume for you and your roommates can be a real process. You don’t want to be the same generic thing that every other girl does each year (cat, bunny, witch) and you don’t want to spend a ton of money either. You want to look hot, but you don’t want to be the slutty roommates at the party. So, here is a list of 5 super cute Halloween costumes for you and your roommates to try out this Halloween. They might require a lot of preparation but they’d totally be worth it in the end!

Taco Bell Sauces: This costume is really creative! You and your roommates are going to look so cute dressed up as these hot sauces, and it’s not too over the top where you’d get dirty looks from girls thinking you should put some clothes on. It’s the perfect amount of flirty and fun for this Halloween!

Shower Loofas: I know this one seems kind of strange but how cute do these girls look in the picture?? They’re using nylon matte netting and they even have the strings attached! Doing this costume by yourself may seem a bit strange, like “Hi I'm a Loofa!” but as a big group I would totally go for it because no one is going to question a group of girls lookin’ this cute on Halloween. 

Red Solo Cups: Again, SO cute in a group! It’s such a creative costume, and whatever party you go to, you are bound to get compliments or even just a comment on how hot you look (cause you know you do)! You could do this with either a dress or a skirt and crop top— either way, you’ll look great!

Starbucks cups: This costume requires a little bit of work because you would need to purchase the Starbucks logo off of a site (like, iron it onto a white dress, and create the boxes on the back of the cup! But if you’re up for the challenge, I don’t see why not! It’s a really cute costume for Halloween,  and would be so much fun to make with your roommates! 

Highlighters: I’ve actually never seen this Halloween costume before, but I really like it because it’s really simple but something new! You can purchase the Hi-lite shirt, and neon leggings, or even just make the shirt yourself! Adding neon color eye shadow to this costume can also add some pizazz!