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Stages of Midterms as Told by The Office

It’s that time of year again. Half way through the semester has snuck up quicker than you expected and professors are handing out exams like Halloween candy. Here are the stages of midterms as told by The Office.

The first time you hear the word “midterm.”

When your professor goes over the review.

When you can’t find sources for your midterm paper:

When you decide to take a quick break and watch some Netflix.

Or do some online shopping.

When you have hit the point of getting less than 5 hours of sleep per night.

When you consider dropping out.

When you have 2 midterms in one day.

When you read the multiple choice questions.

When you read the essay question.

When midterms are finally over and you can focus on Halloween.

Good luck on midterms, collegiettes!

Hi! My name is Nicole, Nic for short. I'm a junior studying Sports Management at the University of New Haven. I love reading, writing, and all things sports!
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