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Hello ladies and gents.

This week is my first instillation of “So Weird Saturday”; a series bringing recent, strange, and confusing news straight to your screens. So buckle up, it’s about to get weird.

1. KKK Mayor: Way out in Oklahoma the mayor of the town of Lahoma is under the microscope on social media. Her husband and some friends decided it would be a good idea to dress up as KKK Klan members, and place a cross besides a fire. I mean we can complain about the repetitiveness about the “Netflix and Chill” costume this season, but this, this takes the cake of being the worst costume choice ever. Mayor Theresa Sharp, age 47, says that her husband meant no harm, and said that he felt the costume choice was better than dressing up as “a murderer.” Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something different about your drunk best friend attempting to make an assassin costume with a prop from Target and a skirt than someone trying to replicate a known hate group.

2. Nutscaping: The holidays are rapidly approaching. Whether you’re the type who goes all out with gifts, or simply stuffs a card with cash, you’re kind of panicking with the thoughts of food and gifts. But alas, there is a present out there for you to give to your closest friends and family. Quote cards of beautiful scenery and a man’s testicles. In a brand new fad called Nutscaping, which seems to have taken the internet by storm, males take beautiful pictures of mountains, sunsets, fields, and their balls. If you don’t believe me, google it, (preferably when you’re alone to avoid judgment). These quote cards have inspirational messages such as “the ball’s in your court” and “hang in there”. Send these to your grandparents for extra presents!

3. No hugs for you: Meanwhile, in Florida, where the “Stand Your Ground” rule lives on, an 8th grade girl was given detention for HUGGING A CLASSMATE. But wait, it gets better. There is to be no touching by anyone in the school, including family members hugging other family members. So if you find out bad news, and your sister comes in for a “menacing, inappropriate, earth shattering” hug, you better be prepared to be sent to the office. I would say this is shocking to me, but I come from a middle school where walking up the stairs too quickly was considered punishable by detention. I swear this is why kids these days think you can get pregnant by kissing.

4. Transgender Beer: At first, I thought that I read the title wrong. But no, there is a transgender beer. Here’s how it goes down: the flower used in crafting the drink undergoes a sex change from female to male just before being harvested. The beer was created in support of the LGBT community, and it’s profits get donated to charities that support transgender youth. My main question is, which scientist figured out that this plant does this? Not only have you found this mysterious sex changing plant, but they have crafted a beer out of it. Thanks science.

5. Chicken Scratch: Have you ever been scrolling through Twitter, and think, “What am I reading?” or maybe, “Why do I have social media?” An Australian fast-food restaurant has taken this to a new level. They have allowed a live chicken named Betty to run their twitter account. You may wonder how this works, and to be honest, it doesn’t. The chicken literally walks across the keyboard, and whatever keys it steps on goes. The goal of this is for Betty to earn a Guinness book of World Records position for being able to type a 5 letter world. It makes reading some other tweets seem more bearable. 



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