Six Questions No College Student Wants to Hear at Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Break is finally almost here, which means sleeping in your own bed, seeing your friends from home, cuddling with your pets, and best of all—eating homemade food. Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays for a college student. It’s our last break before finals start, we get a break from campus food, and it’s just a time to relax.

Despite Thanksgiving being great, there is always one thing most college students dread: the awkward questions at the dinner table. In honor of this year’s Thanksgiving, here are the top six questions no college student ever wants to hear at Thanksgiving dinner!

1. How's school going?

Really? Are you seriously going to ask me that? How do you think it’s going? Okay, if you really want to know, I honestly debate dropping out every single day and becoming a stripper... What? They make bank.

2. What are your plans after college?

Wait, isn’t this supposed to be a break? Why do I have to talk about school while I’m on a break? Anyways, let me proceed to awkwardly look around and shrug because I literally have no idea what I’m doing after college. Maybe I’ll hit the lottery or marry some rich dude… In all seriousness though, I’ll probably live at my parents’ house and work my crappy part time, minimum wage job until I find a big girl job.

3. Are you seeing anyone special?

Oh for the love of god, I do not want to talk about my love life at the dinner table. I really don’t think telling the story of sneaking out of a guy’s room at 3 a.m., and then deciding I’m going to be single with 80 corgis for the rest of my life is an appropriate dinnertime topic.  Pass the potatoes please.

Or, if you're in a relationship like me:

3 a. Do you think you and ____ are going to get married?

Yikes, please let me vomit for a second. Do not bring up marriage right now. I am 21 years old, and I can’t even commit to a Netflix series to watch. Relax please. Just because you all got married young, doesn’t mean I have to. Speaking of, has your divorce finalized yet, Aunt Linda?

4. Have you put on a little weight?

First off, rude. Second, the Freshman 15 doesn’t just apply to freshmen, so I’ve learned.

5. How are your grades?

Again with being on break, I don’t want to think about school while I’m home. Now just let me continue stuffing my face, and not think about the fact that I’m probably failing half of my classes right now.

6. How do you feel about Trump becoming president?

Oh no. No, no, no. No. We are NOT talking about politics right now. This is Thanksgiving dinner, not a political debate. If you bring up politics to me, I will personally shove food in your mouth so you can’t talk. Politics is a complete red flag topic with me, especially if you’re my die-hard Republican uncle asking me my opinions about Trump.

Best of luck at Thanksgiving dinner friends! I recommend keeping your mouth filled with food at all times so you can't answer any questions. Have a fun and safe break!