Pre-Spring Break Thoughts As Told By the Cast of Parks & Rec

Lets be real… Spring Break is the only thing getting you through the spring semester.

Having exams, papers, and last minute to-do’s to worry about before leaving for Spring Break makes us feel like

It’s super cold one day and then semi-warm another day and you’re just over this weather

As the break becomes closer, everyday we feel like we don’t know what we’re doing with ourselves with each passing day 


With exams coming up and spring break, we’re starting to feel super stressed out about school work and how we’re going to look in a bikini…which ends up making us resort to eating comfort food to make us feel better 

Since we feel like doing nothing all the time now that makes us want to study less and less and makes us want to hang out with friends more 

Realizing that you didn’t get anything done and you have so many exams coming up makes you freak out…

But when you hit the under five day mark you get super pumped


The parties you’ve been going to are nothing compared to what you’re going to experience 

You and your friends realize you should start packing and maybe go shopping to get a few new things before you leave 

You’re really happy when you turn in your last assignment before break officially starts

And Spring Break finally arrives, you and all your friends are way too excited!!!!

The wait is finally over, sunshine and freedom awaits you and you either have the best or worst weeks ever. But after it’s over I’m sure you’ll all be thinking 

Have a great spring break everybody!!! HCXO