Meet USGA Senator Jordan Green!

Name: Jordan Green

Year: Junior 

Major/Minor: Legal Studies Major, Psychology Minor

Where are you from?: Homer, New York

HC: What's your favorite UNH event?

JG: My favorite University of New Haven event is spring weekend. This is because I enjoy the way that the campus comes together to enjoy the weekend together. 


HC: What clubs and organizations are you involved with on campus?

JG: I'm President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, President of the Jedi Knitters Club, a USGA Senator, and a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. 

HC: What's been your favorite part of attending the University of New Haven?

JG: My favorite part of attending the University of New Haven is having a small enough campus that the professors are able to know their students well. It is nice to be able to create bonds with our professors.  


HC: Why did you decide to run for a senator position for USGA?

JG: I decided to run for the Senator position because I had been a USGA representative for a year, and I wanted to be able to become more involved, and Senate seemed like the best way to do that. I really love the USGA.


HC: What advice do you have for students who want to get more involved on campus?

JG: Attend a USGA meeting, so that you are able to hear what is going on on campus, and learn more about each organization on campus.