Meet April May

Name: April May

Hometown: Spring Valley, NY

Relationship Status: Taken

Major: Communications

Campus Involvement: Charger Bulletin and ALIVE

Favorite Eatery on Campus: Jazzman's

What’s the best class you’ve ever taken? “Intro to Computer Science—hard…but very challenging, in a good way.”

What’s your go to hangout spot? “My bed.”

What’s your favorite UNH event/tradition? “Summer break.”

What’s your dream job? “P.R. agent to the stars.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in downtown New Haven? “Shop and walk around.”

What are your hobbies/talents? “Dancing, doing hair, and writing.”

Who is your celebrity crush? “Derek Theler and Danny from Baby Daddy.”

Who is your celebrity role model? “I don’t idolize celebrities.”

Who is your favorite artist at the moment? “A Boogie.”

If you could be any character from A Different World, who would you be? “The Amazing Whitley Gilbert.”

What’s your dream career? “Anything in P.R. or crisis management.”

What is your favorite meme? “Anything Kermit.”

What’s a fun fact about you? “I’m actually really amazing.”

What’s your favorite quote? “‘When someone shows you who they are—believe them, the first time’ by Maya Angelou.”

Is it hard being so far away from home? “Nope. I got a car just so I can go home whenever I’d like.”

What’s your advice for the class of 2021 next year? “Avoid taking any classes in Echlin.”


You can follow April on Snapchat @AprilMayhey and Instagram @Aprilmaee_.