Meet Amanda Grillo '18!

Name: Amanda Grillo

Year: 2018

Major: Theater

Meet Amanda! I did- eight years ago! Amanda has been one of my best friends since we met in middle school. We haven’t gone to school together since the 8th grade, so being reunited at school once again is awesome. (Fun Fact- we’ve never actually had a single class together.) Since it’s her third year here at UNH, you’ve probably seen her around campus, most likely on the stage or in the tech booth of Bucknall Theater. She took some time out of her jam-packed schedule to sit down with me and talk about-what else?- theater!


HC: So, why a Theater Major?

AG: That’s a tough question. Theater has just always been there for me since middle school. Whenever I would try different sports or different activities, it always just came back to ‘I wanna do theater’. Whether it’s tech or on stage, theater is an important part of my life so why not study it.


When you think Amanda, the first thing you’re going to think of (besides how awesome of a friend she is) would be theater. Here at UNH, she is involved with both Theater Club (Cabaret) and all Mainstage productions. Some shows in her repertoire include Rocky Horror, Psycho Beach Party, As You Like It, and many more! She has worked tech in six mainstage shows altogether, plus her two theater club performances between Freshman and Sophomore year. Currently, she spends a good percentage of her time at rehearsal for the upcoming performance of "Our Town."

HC: What can you tell me about Our Town?

AG: So it’s our mainstage show for this fall semester. It’ll be my first mainstage performance. [She has 3 roles within the show!] Jonathan Yukich is our director. It’s an American classic and our interpretation of it captures the everyday life. Our show runs November 16-19. They all start at 8 p.m., except Saturday when we have a 2:00, as well.


HC: So. You graduate in two years. Do you have any plans for after that?

AG: Yes. After college, I absolutely plan on continuing in the media world of theater but down the line, I want to open my own theater company.


Outside of UNH, Amanda is a major player in Theater West and the West Haven Council of the Arts. She has participated in several summer productions of Shakespeare’s comedies. However, not only does she perform in theater, but this girl writes about it too!


HC: How did you get involved in writing for Broadway World?

AG: So, I saw this ad on Facebook looking for student bloggers. I talked to Jonathan [her advisor and a professor for the theater dept]. I applied with a writing sample and I got it! As a blogger, I write a lot of behind the scenes of the productions here and at Theater West. I write about my experiences and give tips for fellow actors.


HC: What’s the funnest fact you can tell me about yourself?

AG: Does it have to be theater related? … Too bad, it’s gonna be theater related.

[Author’s Note: I told her I’d take two because she couldn’t decide.]

In junior year of high school, I ran around on stage blind and dressed as a cat. What cat wears glasses? Second, with the exception of sound, musical direction, and choreography, I have attempted every aspect of theater at least once. I write, I took a directing class, I’ve performed, run crew, lights, and I’ve designed a show. Ok, and also, my favorite kind of cat is the kind that’s an actor dressed as a cat because I’m allergic to the real thing.


Best Quotes of the Interview: “I’m a little Post-It note obsessed. You should see the stack on my desk.”

“I’m only organized when it comes to theater stuff. Otherwise, I’m a hot mess.”


You can take a look at her Broadway World blog updates here:

Be sure to see Amanda in UNH’s production of Our Town this November! Break a leg, girl!