Meet Alumna Ashley Rundin!

Name: Ashley Rundin

Graduation Year and Major(s): B.S. Criminal Justice - Investigative Services and; B.A. Psychology, Class of 2014

Current Location: Kernersville, NC 

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Job Title: Forensic Services Technician 

Company: Winston-Salem Police Department   

Her Campus: What were you involved in while at UNH?

Ashley Rundin: Student Conduct Board, Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority, St. Jude Up 'till Dawn, Psychology Club, and I worked in Undergraduate Admissions all school year and during the summer giving tours.  

HC: Explain your job, your company, what you do, and how you got the job.

AR: For my job, we are responsible for processing every crime scene that happens within thecity of Winston-Salem. We're always busy! Some of the crime scenes that we process are property calls (house and auto breakings, larceny of motor vehicles), armed robberies of person/business, death investigations, sex offenses, rapes, bank robberies, fire calls, traffic fatalities, and we photograph autopsies. I received the job offer about a month or so after I graduated in May of 2014, and started later that year in August. I basically just kept looking for jobs anywhere I could that was in my field of study. I relied a ton on some of the amazing professors such as Marty O'Conner, Pete Massey, and Danny Maxwell to name a few for guidance.  

HC: How did your time at UNH help you get to where you are today, academically and socially?

AR: All of the courses were extremely hands on and didn't really seem like your standard college classes, so I learned SO MUCH especially from the experienced professors. I feel so honored to have learned from some of the best individuals out there to give me the knowledge necessary to succeed in my field of study. All the connections I made through my four years with jobs and Phi Sig really helped me branch out there and not be afraid to go after my dreams.   

HC: Do you have any advice for undergraduates at UNH today?

AR: Always stay true to yourself no matter what you may be going through! I know things can feel so tough at times and like you're going no where. Just keep pushing through to get yourself where you want to be. I've wanted this job since I was in sixth grade, worked my butt off, and here I am with my dream job and I just couldn't be any happier.   

HC: Do you visit UNH often?

AR: I honestly wish I could visit UNH often. It's difficult being ten hours away with a very busy and demanding job. Like any law enforcement job, we don't get very many days off and we are constantly working overtime because of how busy the job can get. I really wish I could so I can shake my professors' hands one more time and thank them for everything they have done for me. They may see it as part of their job, but it's different for me, they are just some of the most caring individuals I have met that truly care about their students’ future. It's an amazing feeling to have that type of support.